Warfronts Transmog: Good News

Here is a small present for you in the last hours of the year 2018.

I’ve been patrolling Darkshore and got like 4 pieces of gear I didn’t have on my shaman:


Know this: every piece you get on a toon, doubles in the collection of the opposite faction. See Baisa:


So, if you have only a main mage on Alliance and then roll a Horde priest, it will have all the warfront cloth set at the ready.

Now I’m really off for celebration – cooking is about to start :)

Happy holidays!

2 thoughts on “Warfronts Transmog: Good News

  1. I noticed this the other day when I sent my horde character to darkshore. It was a pleasant surprise to see it go cross faction. Hopefully more things will cross the divide!


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