Trivia: Warfront Drop Hunt


With emissaries gradually dropping out from my grid, I’m replacing them with warfronts.

Good news: Arathi now also offers world quests instead of silly x20 grinds. I’m still not a fan of visiting the warfronts on a daily basis, but why not do them while in queues? :)

My minimum per iteration is completing a scenario or doing patrols for mount, pet, toy and transmog hunts.

Tip: when in pet/mount/toy journal, type ‘Arathi’ or ‘Darkshore’ in search bar. Here goes the list of what drops you are missing – and from which bosses. Just don’t forget to tick ‘Not collected’ :)

With the introduction of world quests, warfronts actually offer a cool option not to collect a chaotic rare-kill band. For example, if you’re hunting for a donkey mount from Overseer Krix, just wait until his WQ shows up – voila, there will be a bunch of people trying to kill him. Here goes your warfront medal and a mount try with little nuisance.

I also like the normal weekly quests at warfronts – particularly the 12-rare kill one. I can easily solo most of these mobs on any class, so it’s just a breeze and an exciting lottery for transmog gear.

Long story short, warfronts are now polished quite decently and surely provide weekly routines with both guaranteed faraway goals for currency and random, but quite possible drop chances right on spot. Me likey :)

3 thoughts on “Trivia: Warfront Drop Hunt

  1. I’m starting to wonder if Warfronts are a test of sorts to evaluate a new type of PvP out of an instanced format. Creating revolving sandboxes, with decent rewards wrapped around the story. I feel that the islands were more of a testing zone for the AI NPCs. I’m guessing we will get at least two more Warfronts for this expansion. While they may have said over and over this expansion was not about PvP, I do see a lot of rewards and content woven into encouragement to do so. As example I got 20 marks for completing Honorbound 10,000. I now have 53, a check on WoWhead shows a reward of 1 for killing specific rares I believe. I need something like 300 to get a 395 ring. The only other source is Warfronts I think. Seeing as I only have 340 & 345 rings, that’s a big carrot on a stick.


    • Not only rings, but transmogs, mounts and other things.

      I’m not in a hurry. We will have at least two more years of the expansion, Nazjatar probably in Summer and N’Zoth raid by Blizzcon, so there is definitely a lot of time to collect all the tokens we need. I don’t want to end up exhausted by deliberate grind.

      The speed of acquiring tokens is actually great if you don’t expect all the rewards to come by the new raid. I’ve already bought the first transmog cape for 50, more to go.

      What I’m saying is we need to save this activity and make it last longer than a couple of months. No rush.

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