Darkshore Warfront: Horde

The warfront is up for the Horde side, and I did two runs with both of my toons.

The experience is different from Arathi – for whatever reason I expected to start at the goblin platform and clear towards south. I’ve totally forgotten patch notes – the experience is the same as with Alliance. We go in the very same direction from the very same point in Ruins of Auberdine.

I’d say that I am not moved to the very least by the undead and brainwashed dark rangers guiding the assault. What a surprise, huh :) At least there are goblins to which I am attuned (as you know, both of my Hordies are goblins). But frankly as you hear Nathanos shouting ‘Blight it all!’ I simply want to go in the corner and get some sleep, or even sabotage my own troops :) Sira the Brainwashed Undead is also not convincing in the very least. So no, I’m not running this warfront with the pleasure – fighting for the Alliance here feels right.

Altar of the Storms offers some cool options though. The Night Elves obviously offer to turn you into some druids, and that’s what I hate to associate myself with – I always played Balance with a glyph of stars. The Horde side offers an awesomesauce choice of driving a goblin mecha, guiding an abomination (my love ever since Warcraft 3 RTS) and a third option – probably alchemists, I’m not sure.

I think it is high time to get busy with achievements – capturing all the flag points, executing rare kill events, hiring all types of troops, and at Darkshore – turning into every type of creature through Altar of the Storms. I’d better not put them off until expansion end.

4 thoughts on “Darkshore Warfront: Horde

    • I haven’t measured it. Got it 3 times myself yet: twice in Arathi and today at Darkshore.

      At Darkshore we had one abomination walking and 3 mechas including myself. Guess it’s random, so it’s vital not to waste the drop.

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  1. I had no idea horde started the same. That’s a little disappointing. The alliance start by invading from sea felt very thematic, and having the horde start up north and work their way down pushing the alliance out would have felt better. So does that mean the alliance boss is sitting on the platform in the water too?

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