Tides of Vengeance: New Routines


First of all: my chart is being painted orange, and by the new raid I’ll be done with initiate Exalted. Even now the busy days are only Champions and Tortollans.

Second: G’huun gave us its shield, and there is very little raiding time left per week. One Mythrax, one Vectis/Zul and quick tries to get the remaining gear from Taloc.

The next chart I made is about faction incursions:


Having completed Drustvar in one sit on all toons, I’ve decided I’m not doing them like this. It’s not gonna be all alts for every incursion. I opt for one Horde and one Alliance toon per iteration – this way the experience is different, and you don’t get exhausted. My end goal is completing the chart – that is, getting the achievement for every toon. Also every iteration brings slightly different quests, so this way I’m gonna see them all.

While a defence final quest is always a somewhat grindy airship rumble, attacks are much more inventive and fun – totally worth doing. Guiding a void-infused T-Rex, or a trio of deadly voodoo masks is precious!

Incursions grant only 5 medals upon completion – it’s not a big deal if you’re grinding them for prizes. Warfront activities pay off a lot better.

The new Titan Residium currency effectively defines what you do with acquired gear. All azerite armor now doesn’t have a sell price, and obviously goes into scrapper for the new currency. Currency will buy you new gear – I’m longing for at least transmogs, for example, the rogue’s vest is outstanding and a must have. Non-azerite-armor I either disenchant or sell for extra gold.

So, the plan is:

  • Incursions whenever they are up
  • World bosses for Uldir Normal tmogs
  • Uldir LFR tmogs
  • Finishing Exalted

So, multiple currency prizes are up for hunting, and I’m just gonna enjoy myself. No particular plan, no deliberate grind – just all in all I feel like the game takes me to short, fun and effective sessions daily.


Oh yes, I’ve seen the Saurfang story! Now come spoilers:

Sylvanas learns that Saurfang had escaped the Alliance custody, and sends us to find him with Dark Ranger Lyana. We find a sewer exit in Elwynn Forest, and follow his tracks across Elwynn and Redridge. After we learn that he escaped to Swamp of Sorrows, Lyana tells us to do nothing without extra orders and leaves to report to Sylvanas (presumably).

Zekhan the Zappyboi then approaches us and asks to help Saurfang. We may refuse – which takes us back to report to Sylvanas and get a pat on the head. We may say yes, and then we encounter a dozen of deathguards and Lyana herself to protect Saurfang. All dead, Saurfang hits us in the eye as an alibi, and we report to Sylvanas that he escaped. She’s VERY suspicious, but lets us go.

Apparently, she wants him killed. Likewise, Vol’jin was stabbed in the back by Garrosh’s henchmen in MoP. Nothing new under the Azeroth’s two moons.

I’m waiting for the story to continue.


Also had some alt time. My demon hunter is now 110 and free to go to BfA content if I wish so, and my dark iron is now 54. No rush, it’s if I’m in the mood routine :)

2 thoughts on “Tides of Vengeance: New Routines

    • Yes, I’ll replace the emissaries with these runs :) i cannot think of a better activity while in raid queues – incursions and warfronts.

      I got a toy drop from a ghost elf when we were clearing rares.


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