BfA: Faction War

No, really:


This is basically all I want to say about ‘plot disconnection’.

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      • Maybe some of the dissatisfaction is that it’s almost like say taking the movie Pride and Prejudice, and then you remake it with bigger name stars, and it’s successful, so you want to continue with the general theme, and you see that zombies are popular, so you make the book Pride and Prejudice and Zombies a full length feature, because you also know that there is a demand for women to have more prominent roles, to be the powerful warrior saving the men. And you know Matt Smith is popular as Dr. Who, so you cast him as Clergyman Mr. William Collins. It falls flat not so much because of the content, but because it is just another telling of the same basic plot.

        Probably not the best example, but the first that came to mind.


        • Well, what you’re telling is like we’ve defeated Cthun and Yogg-Saron, and people don’t want to kill N’Zoth because oh well, we’ve dealt with Old Gods before.

          No, it’s not that.

          People are claiming that ever since Vanilla they only fought the common big bads, and Red vs Blue has never been in the deck. While the only complaints I heard about Pandaria plot was:

          – oriental theme and pandas are a joke within orcs/humans concept
          – why don’t they let us pick sides and join Kor’kron

          Not a single opinion about how Alliance vs Horde is wrong. Not a single complaint about how wrong we are destroying the serene lands, even if npcs told us about it directly. No massive quitting because of wiping out Theramore – to the last citizen. Not a single complaint about ‘Horde for the Orcs’ concept and dealing with other races as outcasts.
          Everything is fine. And suddenly BfA, which puts faction war forward again, is ‘disconnecting’ to the extent that people don’t even want to see the plot. What’s wrong with people?

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        • I was not a fan of the faction fighting in Pandaria, and that there was a chunk of the story locked behind doing the quests there. For me, I wasn’t around for Vanilla or BC, I started mid Wrath. I didn’t like, still don’t like the Argent tournament. It never made sense, why are we fighting each other when there’s a bad guy. Cataclysm seemed to pull us together against a common foe. Maybe I’m remembering it wrong. I didn’t mind Draenor at all, but the story felt out of sync and seemed to be a movie tie in. Legion has issues, but was decent. So this is my 6th expansion, and certain plot points seem to be familiar ground.


        • The events of the expansion have IRON logic. In fact, it was the only course of events after Legion.

          The key turning point which made this the only way possible was appointing Sylvanas warchief, but this happened in the beginning of Legion. So Blizzard had the story planned back then. We are to reveal the answers who – or what – whispered this idea to Vol’jin. His return, albeit in ghost form, is not a coincidence, as is the big entrance of Bwonsamdi.

          Our favorite TV series and movies are not always Candyland and full of pink unicorns, pooping butterflies (yes, even My Little Pony). I find the Frodo/Sam/Gollum part in the second and third books/movies outright uneasy and disturbing, but should we just skip it? No, we must follow to understand the sacrifice and the feat. The narrative is not meant to be pleasant all the time.

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  1. Oh, I had all those complaints about Mists of Pandaria that you’ve listed for Marathal myself. The faction war plot was my least favorite part of that expansion. Okay, maybe my second least favorite — I hated the wanton destruction caused to Pandaria by the faction war.

    And you’re right, narratives cannot be pleasant all the time. There must be parts that are difficult and unpleasant, or the resolution at the end will not be so meaningful or satisfying.

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