Trivia: Progress and Routines of 8.1.


Now is the most exciting time: every day brings us a new Exalted upon completing an emissary. By the New Year holidays I’ll be happy to report only Tortollans and Champions of Azeroth to go – the major factions will be completed.

By the way, War Campaign and faction invasions are a significant rep boost towards Honorbound/7th Legion. War Campaign alone grants you 6k per completing all the three steps. Tyrande/Darkshore questline is done on every toon, and I’m completing War Campaign in the coming days.

Bosses in Uldir were generous – I’ve acquired several weapons and collected a complete plate armor set (an ugly one). Pins is the only one left to farm the second wing (yay, only one Zul per week!), G’huun only owes us a shield, and we’re done with him. The greediest boss, as you see, is Taloc – all the toons want something from him. I’m crossing out world bosses too on some toons – I’m intending to collect the bronze normal Uldir set from them which actually looks nice. So world bosses are still on my list.

I’ve made a couple of rounds on Hordies killing rares. I’ve won a transmog piece and a toy. Fill me in, can you receive the loot once per week, or you may grind one and the same warfront rare until it drops the item?

Faction incursions are a highly enjoyable activity. Maybe it has something to do with that they are new, but I’m completing them with utmost pleasure. The world quests introduce a great number of different foes, including new races (dark irons, lightforged, zandalari), so I feel like this adds up a lot to the lore. There was a fun quest how a tauren tank, a troll hunter and a nightborne priest lay out a trap and wait in the bushes for the Alliance soldiers to be caught :) I’ve participated only in defence stories yet, and I’m eager to do the onslaught on the other side as well. What I can definitely say is that at least I’m doing the achievements of repelling/leading every zone invasion and seeing every new quest – I consider them a lore content.

I’ve checked out the Provisioners in the harbors, and it seems we’ve got what we wanted: a clear, non-RNG farming goal. Invasions, warfronts and Darkshore quests now grant us small numbers of the new currency, and there are many cool prizes to collect them for, including two mounts per faction. I’ll come back to you when I deduce the most effective ways of acquiring the coins without daily grind. We have a lot of time in front of us, so I don’t think we need to farm Darkshore WQ on a daily basis.

Finally, I devoted some time to alts. My blood elf demon hunter advanced through more Stormheim and is now 107. I also played a couple of hours with my dark iron, and she went up for 13 levels while completing Duskwood stories and queueing to random dungeons – now 46. I’d say that leveling is a lot faster now – one more such session, and I’m already in Outland/Northrend content.

Dungeons went pretty smooth, although people still seem to be struggling with the routes, maps, trash and boss tactics. I even had to lead my group through Dire Maul – the Pusillin wing. They just got completely lost twice and made it to the wrong, the farthest corners of the dungeon :)

All in all I must say that WoW kept me busy in the passing days. The key goal today is consuming the story on every alt, and then I need to arrange my new routines.

3 thoughts on “Trivia: Progress and Routines of 8.1.

  1. Rares have chance to drop pets, mounts and toys after first kill each Wafront cycle. After first kill, their “dragon” frame turns from silver to gold, so you can always tell if you’ve killed this one on this cycle.

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  2. Getting close to completing your collections and reps! It’s nice to see the spreadsheets and compare them with previous posts.

    I have done something I’m not familiar with. I turned on warmode even after swearing it off. I turned it on for the faction assaults. And it was crazy and fun! Like a constant push and shove war right outside of Arom’s Stand. Or ambushing each other in the swamps of Nazmir. I never thought I would enjoy wpvp. It’s increasing the longevity of these assaults I think for me.


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