Tides of Vengeance Live: Day 3

The next portion of content is consumed with pleasure.

Faction Assaults

Jellica the Priest saw an invasion going on in Drustvar, and she immediately went to help (and also get some credit through her last 1k towards Embers exalted).

The good thing about invasions is that, unlike Legion, the quests add up to the running world quests, not replace them. I guess it’s good if you are farming rep on purpose. Also you may opt to do invasion instead of normal quests if emissary is up as well.

The next best thing is that I didn’t have to roll across the whole zone – the Horde strikes at a very definite point (in this case – Arom’s Stand, the heart of Drustvar and House Waycrest), so all the quests were concentrated within a spit distance. Also a great thing.

Out of 5 quests of choice I obviously did group rare kills as our favorite WQ option, kill the troops/heal the fallen quest, and also something unique. They give you rocket boots to jump on the Arom’s Stand buildings and hunt down the spies there along with collecting their gear. It was simply amazing, and it also required learning how to operate the gadget – took me a while, but it was very immersive.

Btw, there is an exciting trivia. The rocket boots are labeled as Grizzek’s invention… and Grizzek was one of the main characters in Before the Storm novel, a goblin inventor who was working on azerite research under Gallywix’ gunpoint. Presumably the inventor is dead, but it’s not certain.

After you complete the four world quests, you are given the final task to blow up the Horde’s assault airship. Wildhammers drive you to the top, you disable blight bombs, kill some troops and a couple of leaders during one and the same quest, and you’re done. It’s a lot better than Legion’s scenario, which required a couple of raving idiots other players to complete it. Now you just do it with your own pace, and it’s very quick, not annoying.

The whole thing is a work on Legion assault mistakes, and it certainly came out as a tense, vibrant and cool content to do. I’d say: good job, Blizzard!

Horde War Campaign

My next endeavor was the Horde’s war campaign. As with the Alliance, they have a four-step lore achievement, and we are able to complete three of them (now come the Horde spoilers).

Step 1

For the first step, we travel to outskirts of Norwington Estate and meet Rexxar, Thomas Zelling (the former tidesage – now undead) and an assault Horde force of orc grunts. Our goal is to steal a load of azerite. For reasons unknown, Norwington Estate, a serene party place, is used as an azerite warehouse and a training ground of Alliance troops. The assault is a quick success, we battle through the Alliance troops (many Lightforged are present here), claim the azerite and then we fight a tank. Trivia: it was Rexxar in person who killed Daelin Proudmoore, and if you played Warcraft 3 (why, you should), you did it with your own hands. So the background is really important here as you listen to the conversation between Rexxar and the tank driver.

Before we leave to report victory, Zelling asks Rexxar what has happened to his wife and daughter. Rexxar responds that they now live in Arom’s Stand, bought a house and all. Zelling asks how they did it cause they haven’t got enough money… and Rexxar says that miss Voss took care of it. This was the most disturbing piece, because we all know how miss Lilian Voss takes care of anything. Shall Zelling backfire at some point if the truth is what I’m deducing?

Step 2

The second plot is a Gallywix plot. The whole thing is testing his new mecha, G.M.O.D. First it needs to be powered with both azerite we just acquired and the azerite from Bilgewater Bonanza on the coast of Zuldazar. We then board the mecha and fly to Drustvar to deal with Mekkatorque the High Tinker of Gnomes.

The whole questline is simply hilarious, you get to drive the overpowered mecha with Gallywix comments that made me smile throughout the whole thing. We lay waste to the gnome clocwork machinery which attacks the goblin outpost in Drustvar. An attempt to deal with Mekkatorque himself ends up badly. Only because of Gallywix’ devil-may-care attitude :) Yet, a great deal of gnomish robots is dealt with, and it can be considered a local success.

Step 3

The third plot is Sylvanas’ idea to free Lady Ashvane and make her an ally. We storm the Ashvane Foundry now occupied by Proudmoore forces to get our disguises, and then sail to Tol Dagor with Valtrois and the hero disguised as Kul Tirans, and Rexxar disguised as himself – the valuable prisoner. We free Lady Ashvane easily along with her people and just fight away to the exit. There a stunning Sylvanas’ ship is waiting for her – a ship we have never seen before, a royal thing. We are left on the shore with Rexxar and Valtrois, discussing what we did.

I need a small rant about Sylvanas. So, what are her aces in a sleeve? Lady Ashvane, a formidable villain, but now devoid of her influence, wealth, industry and forces within Kul Tiras? A corpse of Derek Proudmoore which is supposed to morally destroy Catherine, Tandred and Jaina to no recovery? Indeed, we not only have many woman heroes during the expansion, but many idiot woman heroes as well.


I have a good aftertaste from patch 8.1. initiate days. The war has finally come. We have solved the local problems, and now the real fight begins. Surely enough, November felt stale to many people, and December is suddenly not. A lot is happening on many fronts, and we are to solve it. Msot important, I’m eager to solve it.

2 thoughts on “Tides of Vengeance Live: Day 3

  1. Some of our guildies did the incursion in Drustvar in Warmode and had a ball! From their reports (I was on discord) there were a ton of other players and everyone was so busy that lag became an issue! These are going to be fun on many levels, methinks!

    Liked by 2 people

  2. I did the assault in Drustvar with warnode on and it was actually pretty fun!

    I also really enjoyed the 3 war campaign chapters. Its a shame they are timegating it, never been a fan of timegates.

    A lot of the staleness is still here for me sadly. I’ll be doing the new warfronts and the assaults as they come for the achievements and collections. But I already feel like I’ve experienced everything new in the patch.

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