Tides of Vengeance Live: Day 2

My next step was completing the available war campaign on Micromantica and entering the warfront on the Horde side.

The war campaign is the strangest design from Blizzard. I presume the Horde has the same, as the Alliance has the new lore achievement composed of four steps, and you can immediately complete three of them.

With people lacking the new content, why did they decide to implement it like that? The achievement questlines are totally independent from each other, and the best (and the only) possible way would be time-gating them for now, giving them out week after week. They are climactic, a good story is told, and it would be quite enough to suffice a lore fan. But what they did is giving out 3 portions at once with an uncertain schedule for the fourth. Why, Blizzard, why?

The stories themselves are amazing (spoiler alert).

First we cooperate with Jaina to protect Anglepoint seagate from the invading Horde, and it’s an overwhelming success, the whole piece of fleet is spectacularly destroyed. We fight off the invaders on the ground, we shoot the landing boats from cannons, while Jaina clears up another coast and blocks the gate with ice. Then we kill goblin sappers, take their azerite bombs… and Jaina just teleports them to the ships. The hero and Jaina then walk away not looking at explosions, badass as hell – it’s even in the achievement’s name :)

The second plot is a gnome content (yes!) in Xibala. Gnomes have invented an ’embiggifier’ which converts a creature’s intellect to physical size and strength. The subject of the invention is a Da’kani gorilla who willingly sacrifices itself to be able to fight the Horde. Because goblins trapped those kaja’mite-clever gorillas and thus revenge. The story is both amusing and sad. I think this gorilla will be a boss in the upcoming raid for the Horde side.

The third piece is stealing back the scepter of tides from Rastakhan’s treasury which could destroy the whole fleet. Void elves teleport us there – Mathias Shaw, Flynn Fairwind and the hero. It’s an amazing Indiana Jones-like adventure of solving traps, fighting the golem/ghost guards and finally fleeing from a gold-gem elemental (also a would-be raid boss). We succeed though, so our fleet now can siege the city without a danger to be incinerated.

The stories are quick, fun, immersing and highly replayable, so I’m doing them on all toons. If only they gave them away week after week )

The next step was warfront for Schlitzchen the goblin shaman. Introduction questline takes you to Darkshore to investigate the strange black moon phenomenon. There is nothing quite new to the story: we participate in almost the same events as the Alliance, but on the other side, and see the same cinematics.

Warfront itself offers three normal quests – like killing 12 rares (a good one!) or killing 12 common mobs. Normal world quests are also offered, including the world boss. It’s not a bad thing to be busy with, and I will definitely try to collect the transmog and the new mounts there. I think it will be a nice daily activity instead of emissaries which will be gone soon.

So far, so good. Day 3 will take me to the Horde war campaign.

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