Tides of Vengeance Live: Day 1

By a good Blizzard tradition, servers were up way before scheduled maintenance – it was supposed to end by 1 p.m., but I was able to login at 8 a.m. with absolutely no worries.

The patch brings us multiple little things. I’m sure I will need to visit Magni, quartemasters and profession trainers, but these household chores would be put for laters. I’m excited to see this new stuff though.

What have I seen so far?

Reputations are beyond Exalted, so we can farm them for extra toys and pets. At some point I just got sick and tired of toys – they are just too many, and I barely use them if at all. Not much of a pet battle thing too, but acquiring pets is kinda: why not.

For what it’s worth, Legion absolutely killed my desire to grind reps beyond Exalted. So I’m not farming them on purpose – my tries for pets and toys will only happen in case if they come naturally.

The next activity was Tyrande Ascension storyline. Long story short, she comes to Wrynn and wants Darkshore back asap. Anduin says that they lead the war on two fronts already, they don’t have resources. He says that they will retake her home before the war is over, but she says fuck it, I’m doing this myself. Now.

…which proves once again that night elves have a stupid bitch in command. I mean, what the fuck, you know the situation. You are participating in the high strategy council. The Alliance leaders tell you that they are ALREADY stretched very-very thin, and what do you do? You withdraw the night elven elite forces from the war effort, worgens follow, and the Alliance also has to spare the most precious elite champions (us) for the cause.

And what this is all about? A thin stretch of a Cataclysm-ruined terrain at the edge of the world, pressed across the impassable mountains. With a nostalgic value, but nothing apart from that. There’s your true leader thinking.

Who even left her in command after all the massive mistakes we were observing from Legion? And why does Malfurion not talk some sense into her? Really, these ‘decisions’ – well, should I better call them ‘child tantrums’ – are NOT fitting a leader in the very least.


Anyways, as you follow the rogue leader, swearing under your breath, the effort itself is quite cool. The ascension itself was more funny than epic, but by all means Tyrande has dinged several levels towards badass (too bad they don’t give out brains along the ritual too).

I’m surprised to suddenly like Maiev in this scenario. I’ve hated her ever since she was the hero in Warcraft 3 – where you personally led the chase after Illidan, and throughout Legion. Now she’s still grumbling, but what do you know, one of the most sensible and likeable persons in the whole theatre of madness.

The following scenario offers a piece of revenge effort – with a moderately nice result in favor of the Alliance.


Then comes the Darkshore warfront where you can queue.

Overall impressions are mixed. There are not much changes from the game mechanics if at all: collect resources, build the base, grab checkpoints, wait for the catapults to clear the defenses, and kill the final boss. I’d say it’s good rather than bad – we haven’t got to learn anything new, and the warfront was cleared in a breeze.

The bad thing is the scenery. Well, you know, it’s Darkshore. A patch of bleak and dark woodland. Unlike Arathi, there are no any serious constructions and/or valuable, well-mended resource sites. Just field camps and broken carts. Which proves my point: we’re doing it to ease the night elf tantrum, not for any strategic goals. And thus it feels totally anti-climactic.

Well, I need to say some good words about goblin constructions in the end of scenario. First you assault something at least remotely reminding an outpost. And in the end there is a massive, high-tech floating sea platform – an awesome example of goblin engineering. The mechas which play the role of defense towers are also very impressive, and it proves that goblins are providing one of the most valuable contributions for the Horde, and they definitely are not idle. This machinery is nothing like we’ve seen before. Well done!

As an Alliance player, you may find pleasure in killing the other side en masse. While Orc/Troll/Blood Elf vs Human/Dwarves/Gnomes in Arathi version is a fair battle, which feels like a decent challenge from both sides, Darkshore is about Worgen/Night Elves vs Undead/Goblins fighting for mutual brutal eradication. No mercy, no prisoners – just death coming on tips of blades, guns and claws.

This is an excellent way to execute your revenge for Teldrassil, or – on the Horde side – take pleasure in blighting the hell out of the woods (we were having this fun leading Arthas troops in Warcraft 3). Apart from that, from strategic point of view, the warfront is a meaningless bloodshed.

The reward for winning a warfront is 385, also the tmog sets are very beautiful – in fact, the only beautiful sets from group content in BfA so far. I’ve won a headpiece.

Speaking of rewards, emissary cache now offered her a 370 piece. Would I even have any gear upgrades in Dazar’Alor LFR with their 370? At least I go there for transmogs.

The next part is war campaign. Apparently the Horde’s story comes first, because the Alliance is briefed about a succesful Horde attack at Norwington Estate. Now they are aiming at Anglepoint, an access to the heart of Kul Tiras via western seagate, and that is where the hero, Taelia and Jaina head for repelling the first assault while the Kul Tiran military is assembling the strike force.

Even on your way you see Jaina in action, as her water elementals drive the boat to the assault point, and I’m thrilled to fight alongside her.


What happens next? We’ll learn today in the evening.

There are also faction assaults which I’m eager to participate in, and the Horde side of the patch – seeing Darkshore world quests and bosses, and of course war campaign.

The patch so far surprisingly doesn’t seem scarce in content – we shall see how it works.

Lorewise, the war is entering the active stage, and I’m pleased to continue the plot from the prior checkpoint – wherever it leads us…

14 thoughts on “Tides of Vengeance Live: Day 1

  1. Sounds like the Alliance side got a more in depth experience. Only about 10% of what you described related to what I experienced. Most of my experience was having to repeat quests twice because they were bugged. So I did not have an Epic experience to say the least. LoL.

    Going to be interesting for me when the time comes to choose which side I will go with. But right now it seems we are being given a choice on both sides how we proceed through the patch. I wonder if they have an office pool going on which choices win out.

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    • Jaina’s war campaign quest was bugged too. We arrived to Anglepoint, she magnificently pierced the whole mob of attackers with king-szie icicles with a wave of her hand. Then she sets up a portal to evacuate the civilians, while me and Taelia must protect her. And nothing happened, no attackers came and civilians are just standing still :) I hope they fix it by evening.

      Most of my post is devoted to the warfront gameplay though, the thing that Hordies don’t have yet.

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      • Ahhh. I did not know that. We break someone out of a prison and escape to a boat. My first attempt all the NPCs ran down the beach and vanished. After 15 minutes I gave up, abandoned and redid the entire scenario. Fighting the world boss in Darkshore was a huge issue for my computer. I could see the screen almost melting trying to handle the graphics. I normally play no issues on Ultra at 90-100 FPS. When I fought she how has anger issues, she just stood on the beach. So that was another bugged encounter I had to redo.

        The biggest issue I feel was that we were given quests to do some things, and in the end just like the quest ending, we were left standing on the docks scratching our heads.


        • Is it war campaign? I’m confused.

          Alliance has three new content parts:

          1. Tyrande questline (Ascension) – it’s a one-time scenario for 15 minutes, and a story lead-in to warfront.

          2. Warfronts – like in Arathi, Alliance attacks via scenario while Horde has WQ and a world boss.

          3. War campaign questline – it happens in Tiragarde Sound where you repel the Horde attack and help Jaina. Haven’t done this one yet, not aware of how much time it takes.

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        • We got to go break someone out of prison, attacked the Manor. Ours felt like we did two separate quest chains in. O particular order. My wife remarked at the end, so that was it? Then we took a portal back to Darkshore and did the three quests that were up.

          Ok, so the Warfront was us going to Darkshore. We got a little quest to witness the dark moon which felt out of context.


    • Hm, I think the numbers on that would be somewhat hard to really evaluate on; especially since one part of the quest chain, depending which “side” you chose, ends up giving a toy, where the other part offers nothing, right?

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  2. Nice little write up! I experienced much of what you did except for the war campaign which I will do tonight.

    I have to say I feel very differently about the Tyrande stuff. I am loving it. I have waited for so long for somebody to just say no, iror disagree with the human king. For me the alliance should be a group all working together, but not all under one single king bowing to and obeying every order. And today we finally git that with Tyrande. Of course she’s definitely making the wrong choice, strategy-wise. Strecthing the forces even thinner will probably backfire in some way.

    I also unlocked the night warrior customization from this and since my only elf is a demonhunter I opted to not use it. For some reason this option is listed under skin colors. And there is only 1 skin color with the option, which does not match the color my demonhunter has had. Oh well, even if I used it you can barely tell a difference with all the fel glow.

    I feel like there isnt much New going on in the patch. New warfronts, new islands, some timegated war campaign quests. But there are now currencies for islands, warfront stuff, Azerite, paragon reps too. So it feels like they added more stuff for motivating a daily grind cycle but not too much new has changed.

    I haven’t tried it yet, but I intend to see how leveling feels like now and also the incursions whenever they come up.

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    • There, you said it: working together. The whole effort now is concentrated in protecting the Kul Tiran fleet from the Horde and direct attack on Zandalar with a clenched iron fist – as one. Right now, when we need all forces, she just walks away, taking worgen and night elves with her.

      I understand the motivation, but you simply cannot ignore the big picture if you’re a nation leader. I’d say that it’s no less than deserting. Imagine you play a strategy game, and 1/3 of your army just walks away to chase squirrels on the other side of the map when you need all your units to attack an enemy base. And yes, in the war there must be one person that has a final say. Anduin is not known to disrespect and wave away the needs of people in any other given time – on the contrary, he’s famous for doing the opposite things.

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  3. The Paragon chests were an interesting idea, but the RNG on the most desirable rewards from them (the mounts) was way too low. Having not obtained the thing I most wanted from Legion Paragoning, I can easily look at all the things on the BfA Paragon loot lists on Wowhead and say to myself, nope, don’t want that; nope, don’t want that; nope, don’t want that, either… I will do no BfA Paragoning. (But I might eventually go back to Suramar and keep trying for that dratted flying carpet.)

    Oh, my, the Darkshore warfront sets *are* beautiful — at least on the Alliance side. On the Horde side, the leather set would be nice enough if I could find a suitable substitute shoulders and helm, and the chestpiece from the cloth set has possibilities for my Warlock.


    • I farmed the hell out of paragons, and all mounts are mine, the last one coming at July before BfA. There is no way I’m doing the same thing in BfA, especially for pets and toys.

      I haven’t checked out the Horde set yet ) But I think I saw a weapon tmog video, and they are just amazing.


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