WoW Progress Check-In & First Steps in Allods


Exalteds are on the way, and Schlitzchen will soon be parked for good with emissaries, free from all activities but weekend raiding and warfronts.

Uldir dropped a couple of items, but they were few. I’ve added three more columns to have a picture of what bosses are to be farmed on weekends. The saddest thing is that LFR wipers, Zul and G’huun, are still on the list. The good thing is that my toons share several items: for example, winning a shield transmog takes a boss off from both Schlitzchen and Fearella.

I’ve completed many profession achievements, but most of the exploring/questing I will put off until flying, as in Legion.

I’m not in the mood to level alts – my demon hunter did a couple of hubs in Stormheim, got 105, and got tired. I actually want to play a demon hunter, so I’ll leave her until I’m in the mood. The mere thought of driving Dark Iron/Mag’har 33->110 is exhausting.

I’m looking forward to see the new warfront this week. It is interesting to check out what differences there will be from Arathi apart from visuals, what world quest rewards will be there. Of course the Tyrande storyline is intriguing – I’m not sure I will go completionist with all alts, only if I want to replay it. And the Night Warrior track is of course a lure – I devoted a whole post to it.

And still, the emissary playtime is dwindling, as is raid time with each new Exalted and each new transmog acquired. Even with the two warfronts running, I’m not expecting it to be enough for my scheduled gaming. This Sunday I logged in with a cup of coffee at 11:40 a.m., and by 2 p.m. I had all activities for the week completed. Which brings us to Allods Online.

Trivia is actually very interesting. I’m the fresh player, I haven’t seen any endgame or even midgame, so I’ve read and watched some youtube videos on the game. People say that the amount of players drops significantly – well, likely as in most mmos nowadays. The most interesting thing is – and it concerns WoW too – that 10.0. version of Allods introduces a massive catacysm which destroys most of the allod world shards. The survivors… enter a completely new game.

They are introducing massively reworked classes, and race roster has shrinked. In fact, it will be a completely new game – in the same universe and in continuity of the main storyline. The original game doesn’t go anywhere, it stays – but you will choose what game to play in your launcher.

Isn’t this brilliant, and could this work for WoW too? We could have an old game for nostalgy and farming the old achievements, but the next version could be completely changed to something completely different – like a space opera many years in the future. You’ll have gun and technician classes, you’ll find the remnants and hints to older civilazations. WoW is quite old, and developers simply cannot go on with the Light/Void themes forever as the only remaining evil. We deal with cosmic powers already, so it’s a fork: we care for Azeroth, not other planets, but you can’t do too much with it without ruining the experience that players care for. We must go to space to solve the Void Lords, and is it what fits WoW?

Well, enough for fantasies :)

On weekend I’ve rolled multiple toons in Allods to try different classes, and I picked the three I want to level: a mystic (psionic caster), a mage (frost – obviously), and a paladin.

My psionicist is a Xadaganian – Djeli:


My paladin is also a Xadaganian – Anibell (yes, it came from my WoW ex-character name):


Their armor is both leather yet, so it looks identical on earlier levels ) Paladin would change for plate armor of course later on.

My mage is a Kanian – Studenitsa (derived from ‘studenyi’ – an archaic Slavic word for ‘cold’, ‘chilly’, which fits the Kanian style)


Leveling here is linear, it takes you with no variety through one and the same zones and quests (except for initiate 3 faction-only zones), so I don’t feel like I want to level any more characters.

There is one exception though. Local Pandaren are Priden, the awesome felines. My one is Kadja, the druid/shaman – well, a nature mage with a pet. They have three specs – I guess it can be compared to WoW’s resto druid/shaman healing, elemental shaman and a beast master.


Much like Pandaren, they have a unique starting storyline and a unique allod where it happens – with a later choice between League/Empire. I will choose League for it to make the number of toons per side equal. For one of the storylines they copied the whole experience from Mowgli story, it was amusing :) WoW does this too.

There is an amusing craft system which is more like a game. You have alchemy / leather / cloth / blacksmith armor / blacksmith weapon craft to choose from, and with alchemy you automatically learn picking herbs, while mats for armor come from world drops. Creating an item is tricky. You click on your tool item in the bag, and a craft window opens. You pick the required item, and then the craft begins:

Allods Crafting

For example, you want to craft an item of green quality. Click on the green rolls to lock them, then press hammer icon to try and make the other rolls green too. You can press the hammer three times per 1 craft. The higher the skill, the better is the chance to craft a good thing. If you haven’t collected 5 rolls of the same color per three tries, you receive a grey quality item. RNG as it maybe, it depends on your skill and is interesting to do.

Questing so far is smooth and not too dangerous – although aggroing two mobs is already a challenge, and three may kill you. At level ten you open talent trees – there is no strict one and only spec solution as in WoW, you invest skill points to the spec one by one instead. So you may actually divide the points equally between all specs, but it will influence the efficiency for what you do of course: damage, tanking, control etc. So it’s better to stick to your major path and spare the extras later to enhance the others a bit.

So far, everything is new and engaging. Looking forward to move on through the storylines.

P.S.: I forgot to show you the travel through Astral!

Astral Ships

Astral Travel

7 thoughts on “WoW Progress Check-In & First Steps in Allods

  1. That game actually looks pretty nice. And the character models aren’t bad either. Next time you post on it youve got to show us a screenshot of ykur short race character, the one you said is actually 3 shorties in one!

    Liked by 1 person

      • Oh my. They look amazing. I found a picture of them mounted on a horse and its just the three in a row on the saddle. That’s hilarious and adorable.

        I hope you have some fun in this game, it does definitely look nice.


        • Haha, I forgot they do that :) The good memories from 2009 :)

          Yes, I’ll play it between warfronts and raids :) So far is quite good and engaging, I’m all into the ambience and stories.


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