Winter Check In

Just a small trivia post.

My journey to Exalted continues. And this week’s highlight is Schlitzchen the Goblin Shaman who is hitting Exalted one by one:


She has won Voldunai this weekend, and got an awesome hyena mount – the one that vulpera are riding in Vol’dun. In the coming days she’ll hit Champions and Talanji, reducing the daily pool of quests to four toons on 5/6 emissary days. Jellica the Priest is also not that far with some of the emissaries.

The warfronts for the Alliance are up, and I will see if I’m lucky to cover the missing slot for the transmog set – I need only cloth cloves for the achievement.

Not much luck with Uldir – I think I got only two missing gear pieces, and none of my four toons has won any weapons (spoiler: there are plenty to get). What do you know, people are still wiping at four chokepoints: obviously G’huun, then often at Zul encounter, then – always – at trash before Zul and trash before Fetid Devourer. The trash ones I simply wait out until it’s clear that a group is winning, cause I’m sick of paying my repair bills due to others’ overconfidence.

I drove my Mag’har and Dark Iron to 33 level each, but frankly I was not that busy with them, it was an occasional random dungeon run with no questing. I’m putting it off until the new patch experience buff. It’s no use leveling in the areas that I know by heart (and this makes it ALL of the WoW questing).

In Uldir I keep noticing the great amount of demon hunters, especially in tank division, and I kinda grew to miss my one. At the same time I grew to acknowledge and make peace with the class continuing its journey through Azeroth. You know, by the end of the Legion it seemed that their job is complete. Luckily its not a long way, so I’ve added a new toon to my Horde’s roster.


Yes, I’ve missed the gameplay. This time it’s Horde’s side, and I’m playing her as a warmonger, capricious, bloodlusting creature. She’s definitely ok with the whole faction war thing, and, unlike my goblin toons, she walks among the undead with ease and does their bidding with barely a shrug of her shoulders. Not a zealot, but a devoted member of the current Horde – aaand she’s ok with Sylvanas the Warchief too (common blood elf legacy or whatever the reason). It’s interesting to explore this attitude.

So far, she’s 103 from 98 in one day, and I’ll skyrocket her to tops in no time.

Waiting for the new content to drop, but before January’s raid, it’s a new warfront which is not much of a time spent. December is the time to dig Exalteds, level my new toons and carry out the Uldir gears. Nothing too new.

P.S. I’m still not missing the monk, the paladin and the death knight :)

2 thoughts on “Winter Check In

  1. Levelling via battlegrounds can be very useful for exploring your class abilities (you tend to not use half of them in PvE due to inefficiency), and for healer specs it is twice as interesting compared to somewhat boring dungeon healing.

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