Empty Quest Log: Is This a Lull?


My stride towards Exalted is on and on, and yet this takes barely an hour of my daily routines. More so, every next Exalted will automatically dismiss a toon from this emissary later on.

Uldir took me little time this weekend. Despite the obligatory wipes at Zul and G’huun, it doesn’t even take one full day to drive all the alts. There is not too many gears and weapons left to collect, fewer and fewer bosses to run weekly. An Uldir drop is never an upgrade for any of my alts, so I just put everything on a roll if not a missing transmog.

I’ve covered all the normal quests during weekend – including killing fat rares which I put off for laters. Now even a rogue can solo them :) Forgotten Cove questline is solved, gathering quests done… and we’re left with emissary runs.

I’m putting off most achievements till the flights, and yet I gained some:

Cooking is complete:


A sneaky achievement is done:


I just noticed with Schlitzchen that Utaka school is up, and launched my Alliance rogue Pins to sneak into the city and catch one :)

Pray all the loa altars in the city, and you get this:


Of course there is a warfront which is blown through once it’s active to collect the resources. There are island expeditions – which I need to explore considering achievements and pick the ones I’d like to do. But generally I’m in a solid lull state.

Which brings us to leveling alts :)



Jagda the Elemental Shaman and Kargash the Fire Mage are my lull project until December 12. Well, at least I want the achievements and legacy armors :) I’m having fun with them though, and growing to like the toons as characters. We shall see if they stay. Just in case, I picked jewellery/mining for the dark iron and enchanting/tailoring for the mag’har – the professions my toons don’t have yet in these factions.

I’m not very eager to quest – it appears that I know EVERY leveling questline by heart. So I just login and queue to dungeons, not leaving the capital. When flights are opened, I’ll add up exploration activities.

I’m confident that I don’t like the brown skin color on the orcs – it’s just blending with hair and armors. So I picked the ‘gothic’ option of the Shattered Hand Clan – you know, the pale, heavily scarred Kargath’s followers from the Arakkoa lands. Luckily you can pick two versions of scars in barber shop beside a clean face :) So I’m roleplaying her as a brutal one.

Note that she wears a tattered fiery dress. It’s a fresh drop from Ragefire Chasm, and I didn’t have this appearance. Despite all my multiple alt leveling, there’s just an enormous number of dungeon transmogs to be obtained yet. Crazy.

So, I’m in a lull :)

4 thoughts on “Empty Quest Log: Is This a Lull?

  1. Sounds like a nice lull activity. I’ve enetered a lull as well. But I decided to wait to level until the patch, since they are making leveling xp requirements go down then.

    Right now all I do is make sure my 120s complete the world boss, so the warfronts once each and farm the arathi rares/world boss when control switches. I’ve been farming tmog for my warlock in BC raids recently. I never really did them all except once before, so I’m learning all their layouts. I even got lost in karazhan!

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