Just Checking In

Forgotten Cove (Ruin Has Come) questline: fool-proof method is doing a quest in the morning and a quest in the evening. This way you burn 2 quests out of overall nine every day. My toons are at the last two quests now, so I’m closing this chapter this week.

T’zane is believed to be my last world boss, so I’ve earned Unbound Monstrosities achievements on my alts. I think I will continue killing them – although not so good-looking, but the Uldir Normal tmogs won’t hurt.

Unbound Monstrosities

Not much to report about Uldir itself – it’s my weekend activity.

Having several common quests to go – most notably, gathering ones, and the out-of-the-way side questlines from different locations. Gotta catch them all!

The most important thing is: Schlitzchen has grinded her last 1k rep with Honorbound in one sit, and I’ve already started the Mag’har questline! So far it’s a travel around Azeroth, trying to make a shard of an initiate Garrosh/Kairozdormu’s time-travel gadget work. Bronze dragons are supposed to help, but not before we learn the gadget’s story :) I’m having fun, and I’ll post a full report about Mag’har questline once I’m finished.

The strange thing is that Eitrigg and Sylvanas talk about Mag’har as the guys who owe the Horde for the liberation from Garrosh and the Legion. Surely they do, but they do as much to the Alliance. Well, we shall see where this leads us.

A couple of useful posts planned for the coming days :)

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