Plot 8.0.: Check


Check it out:

  • My alts are over 340. Considering Legion’s first raid gap was 820 > 835, I’m more than ready for the next tier :) So this column may go.
  • There was no tracking of azerite necklace level, but all of my toons now reached level 27 which is enough to open all the traits on current gear.
  • War Campaign is complete on all alts.
  • Jaina & Vol’jin questlines are complete on all alts.
  • This effectively closes up the available story questing in BfA as of 8.0.

Cherry on top, Micromantica has completed Exalted on all available factions. And this is where the girl goes on standby. There is a small Forgotten Cove story to complete, and a couple of achievements from mission table (there are three – completing all available missions), and this is effectively it.

Speaking of achievements, there is a new approach in BfA for the quest tab. They require meeting certain conditions in world quests – that’s right, world questsSo putting them off until lulls may not be the best idea – it’s a good thing to track the needed ones and attempt doing them starting now. Some food for thought, just saying )

I’ve compared my progress to Legion’s, and by the end of the year I was nowhere close to hitting the Exalted on alts, so this time I’m definitely doing better. A bonus for WoW Anniversary doesn’t hurt too.

Right now the gameplay is reduced to said reputations on alts and the remaining Uldir transmogs. And this seems like exactly the amount I’m ready and eager to digest.


6 thoughts on “Plot 8.0.: Check

  1. Congrats on the milestone! And in a few weeks we’ll get Some more stuff haha. Do you track the collectable stuff from the warfront as well? I finally managed to finish the cloth tmog from rare drops there and I’ve almost gotten all the toys/pets/mounts too.

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    • It seems like the train left the station :) I was doing ‘weekly’ quests in warfront, and I saw literally no people beside myself. Players seem to be hunting only world boss, and there were none hovering over or killing rares.

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      • Yes I hate that! If you can manage to do it within the day the warfront becomes active for each faction there will be more people running around. Or at least in my experience thats when I see the most people. But time doesnt permit me to do that on all my characters sadly.

        Otherwise the ones that I can’t solo, thankfully with your gear levels, you can solo a good chunk of the rares. Basically any below 1 million health are soloable, except for the ogre mage in the middle of the zone, he’s been impossible for me. I have to make a group in the group finder or beg people in general chat 😆. I’m so close to completing it I hope people continue to do it into the next patch.

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