Cloth Uldir: Check!

Today’s run through the second wing was extremely gratuitious.

I had a couple of weapons to go on cloth alts – a stave and a dagger, also shared by shaman caster.

Micromantica just went and got them both.

And this means: Micromantica and Jellica are now free from Uldir runs. All the cloth caster transmogs, including all weapons, are collected.

And this means: I’m almost done with the current content on my main. There’s a single Tortollan emissary to go – I will probably finish the Exalted on them within a couple of days more. There are wrists from the current warfront to complete the set and achievement, and I think I better launch my priest to do the task.

One more thing: the Forgotten Cove questline in Stormsong Valley. I’ve scrolled through the Wowhead, and here goes:

Forgotten Cove

This is the complete list of quests. Mostly it requires clearing the same caves over and over. This doesn’t lead anywhere yet, but I presume that this is a lead-in into the upcoming raid of two bosses – its entrance is gonna be 99% at this isle.

Good news: you can do all these quests in one sit.

Bad news: the questline is freaking strange. From what I collected at wowhead comments, this is a reference to Darkest Dungeon game (never played it or even heard of it before). The progress is not time-gated, but instead is tied to your sort of mind debuff. Once it drops off, you’ll be able to see the next quest in the chain.

No one knows for sure what has to be done to remove it – people say that dying helps to switch it off. Also staying away from the island for a while helps a bit – at least when I return to Boralus and switch to other alts, in the next morning the quest appears. It’s not certain how much time it takes. Weird one, but being a ‘yellow’ coded questline it’s a must for my toons. I’m trying the dying trick tonight.

I’ve completed two more war campaigns – on my second and last Horde alt, and one for my Alliance priest Jellica. Two to go, and they are not far from Revered. This chapter closes soon.

This weekend I’m also completing Jaina’s questline on all alts (requirees one more Siege of Boralus run with my rogue), and Vol’jin questline on Schlitzchen (requires G’huun kill) – well, I’m going there for a shield anyways :) One more thing off my shoulders :)

So far, so much to be done :)

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