Blizzcon: Loads!

I haven’t bought the virtual ticket this year. Luckily the intro presentation was free to watch, and that’s where there major things happen.

Don’t really care about Hearthstone or HotS, so I just skipped. I’m checking out the Overwatch updates considering lore – I’m hoping for a bigger media to pop up, like a cartoon series someday, but the new cowboy hero was not that cool.

What was king this time, was Warcraft.

First of all, Warcraft III remastered! I’m buying it by all means – for us players and for WoW as a game in whole it’s the most iconic and important lore piece. WoW lived for 3 expansions straight exploiting the sequels to its stories, ending up with the recent Legion, and it’s a must to play for every WoW player. Remastered version – moreover so.

Second, Vanilla. I’ve checked out the character screen again – and no, I’m not doing this :) Keep fapping for square character butts and triangle prairie dogs – I’m out )

Third, WoW itself – and there was loads.

A small, but great Saurfang cinematic which carves in stone that it’s the last expansion of Sylvanas as a warchief.

An awesomesauce horror of Darkshore – bringing us badass elven leaders from Warcraft III back, not the nose-picking whinies they’ve been throughout WoW. The Dark Moon in the end, the Nightsong tune – some rotten skulls will be crushed pretty soon.


The great announcement of the upcoming content. The most interesting of course is Nazjatar – apparently the city will float up from the depths of the sea. 3D fights are not what players want since Vashjir, and it was promised that there will be as little underwater as possible. Good to hear! Vashjir was not convenient to be at (despite that Blizzard did a great job to provide as smooth experience as possible), and it was way claustrophoic. So, a playground island is best be under open skies.


We were also promised a pure naga architecture – as we know, we’ve previously seen only the sunken elven ruins. It wouldbe most interesting to check out.

Azshara is the last boss of the coming raid – we finally solve this problem. Which leaves us speculating about the last raid of the expansion, and bonds between N’Zoth and Sylvanas (I’m sure there will be bonds). My best guess is she will become a sacrificial figure to end up the Old God – but we would probably have to fight her a bit first :) 

Some mechanical gnome zone is announced too. I’m always craving for a gnome/goblin content, but I’m not a fan of titan theme of any sort. Their passion, happy attitude and persistence is what makes gnomes my favorite race, and these are not the mechagnome qualities, these are modern, flesh-and-blood gnomes. I guess we shall see.

Finally, new models for worgen and goblins. I absolutely hated the goblin preview.

Current: sharp cheeks and chin, thin eyebrows, beautiful.


Upcoming: puffed up face, arm-thick eyebrows, squinted eyes:


Let’s hope it’s just a preview.

So, this be it for Blizzcon :) Overall I’m excited about everything that awaits us.

3 thoughts on “Blizzcon: Loads!

  1. I guess to me the question becomes, what if I have no desire to fight the Alliance. Certainly I will do what ever the content is once, but for an expansion that is not about PvP, they sure are pushing it that way.

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  2. My goodness you are right, those Goblins are not an improvement after all. I hope it’s a first draft too. I would not get affected, of course, but I can easily relate to the character models not staying true to the old ones.


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