So Close


Now we know when I hit 120 and complete all zones on all alts – September 30.

I’ve decided to vary my experience – clearing several hubs on one toon, then hopping on another. Little is left:

  • Anibell has to clear Anglepoint and southern Tiragarde;
  • Paitsu has already done the initiate quests up to Brennadam and solved Mildenhall Meadery;
  • Pins has cleared the Fallhaven hub;
  • Jammu is set with tortollans in Vol’dun to clear them before the main questline.

Next chart upgrade will be ilvl to track Uldir attunement and reputations.

Exactly 1,5 months for leveling project – I think this is fine. Almost the same was in Legion.

I think my endgame since Monday will be about hopping on a toon I feel like playing and just clearing the quest log – obviously outposts have to be established at the enemy continent, gathering quests done, leftovers from initiate questing, dungeons run for quests, warfront quests etc. etc.  Looking forward to upgrading.

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