Project: Final Zone Run

The chart pretty much explains it all:


Yes, I’m finalizing my alt leveling project this week. All zones but Nazmir now have only one run left, and this means proper reading quest texts again.

It is vital to immediately get to your capital city upon 120 to get world quests/flight whistle access. Do I have to explain? When Baisa hit 120 tonight, she completed the world quest in Sagehold which would otherwise be her leveling +34k experience points. And couple of Tortollan quests + a rare kill – on her way as well – granted her first emissary reward, the awesome shoes of 305.

Gear is so vital. I need to share my pain. Hitting 120, much like in Legion, immediately drops your survivability and DPS to ground floor and below. The mobs are just smashing you – be it the self-healing priest or a personal tank-protected hunter/warlock, 4-5 mobs coming at you will mean a certain cemetery run. Amusing, but the last leg of leveling is the most painful experience.

Yet the end is near.


A few more thoughts:

My Jaina’s questline advice of delaying dungeon runs is not legit. Apparently you need to unite all Kul Tiran nations first which means final dungeon quests, and then go for repeated runs along Jaina questline. But still you will get your 120 gears anyways, right?

Horde’s Ready for War quest-before-last is awesome! Right when Alliance strikes the ships in the open sea, you spend the whole fight underwater completing your mission and arrive on the surface to witness the circumstances :) Questing in the bottom is amazing! You do it in complete darkness, and once you switch on the lamp, a deadly shark may come in a while if you’re careless. Just yesterday I watched a giant shark thriller movie with Statham, all to add up for my immersement :)

And there is also such a major and unexpected find there! The Horde has now a major ace in its sleeve, and I’m itching to find out where this leads.

Warfronts are confirmed to serve as a raid replacement content. You cannot queue there under ilvl 320 (like in LFR), and you get 340 gear for its activities (like in LFR).

My best guess is that the rewards won’t scale. A warfront is tied to a raid tier. So, Arathi equals Uldir, and the upcoming Darkshore will give the same gear ilvl as for 8.1. tier of Zandalar Siege. So don’t save the warfront runs, you may want to farm the hell out of transmogs, toys and mounts while it’s current – like from a current raid.

Micromantica is digging emissaries. While the hasty guys already have Dark Irons running along Kul Tiras already, I’ll be hitting my fair and square Revered BfA Diplomat achievement this week. Tortollans and Magni lack one emissary to complete. My best shot so far are Storm’s Wake with 8,5k Revered.

More Uldir runs in the first wing brought me a couple of tier pieces.

Looking forward to endgame with all my toons!

5 thoughts on “Project: Final Zone Run

  1. My two slightly active alts are 113. You have been busy :)
    On a side note, this morning my main (warlock on Turalyon) was at the mission table on the ship in Boralus harbour. I saw a gnome named Micromantica from Doomhammer there. I thought to myself “Doesn’t Gnomecore have a char with that name and didn’t he move to English-language server a while ago?”. So I checked your blog, and lo and behold it must be you! I went back to game screen and Micromantica was gone and also logged off. Small world :-D
    PS. Turalyon and Doomhammer are linked (or what’s it called?), so one sees a lot of players from especially those two realms.

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    • Sweet! :) Yes, my main is basically checking missions today and running world quests. Check my toon list and come to say Hi next time :)

      Yes, I notice a lot of Turalyon players and even joined a Turalyon-based guild with my orc warrior (for no particular reason). I only want a merry green chat from one, so my toons are not currently parked anywhere.

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  2. I have been running warfronts since they are finally available for alliance this week.

    I actually find it enjoyable. My only complaint is the gear drop. When I get pieces they don’t appear in the sets section of the appearances tab in our collections. The set labeled warfronts have all its set pieces as available from quest rewards. So I assumed that meant it was available from the once per cycle 370 loot. But I have 4 pieces of the set unlocked. I have to dig into this mystery some more. But I am leaning towards those pieces are also available from killing the rares maybe?

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