Patch 8.1. – Tides of Vengeance

Wow, that’s a lot of news!

First of all, I don’t understand those who tell that expansion is dull and nothing happens there. Come on, it’s been a little over a month, and you wanted to kill N’Zoth by Blizzcon? We’ve just arrived!

We solved the local faction problems which were plenty! And at the same time we were not idle, we tested the other continent’s weak places and founded a handful of secret hideouts. Do you call that ‘nothing happens’?

 Lore: Assaults, Warfront, Raids

In the next patch 8.1. the war will be unrolled in its full might.

First, we have faction assaults. They worked perfectly in Legion (demon assaults), and they’re more than justified today – with faction fleets attacking the shores.

Second, a new warfront is Darkshore. Take you night elf and avenge the undead for Teldrassil! Yet again, the buildings and units will be based on Warcraft 3 – namely, night elf and undead factions.

I wonder what will be another warfronts :) If we mighty please get an attack on Mulgore gates (dwarfs and tauren) and literally everywhere with gnomes and goblins theme, I will be squealing with happiness.

Third, our new raid is no less than Siege of Zuldazar! The faction experience will be very different – this is the first time that raids have different points of view. How cool is that? The main raid takes you to kill 6 bosses, but after you finish, you may try on the skin of your enemies and see the other side (+3 extra) where you’ll be fighting your allies. A sort of bronze dragon thing.

Lorewise, I think it’s 100% that the Alliance kills the current good but failing king Rastakhan, and his action princess daughter Talanji will take over. And the Horde will repel the invasion to keep their capital.

One more raid is very small – its two bosses close the Shrine of the Storms arc, much like Valor raid in Legion.


How to Get New Allied Races

  • Get Exalted with Zandalari Empire/Proudmoore Admiralty;
  • Complete War Campaign;
  • Prove your ultimate worth by finishing the Siege of Zuldazar raid – most likely this finishes war campaign arc;
  • Complete a small introduction questline.

And this is it, Zandalari and Kul Tirans may run Azeroth under your command. Easy, huh?

Island Expeditions 

Two more isles will be available. COULDN’T CARE LESS.

New Pet Dungeon

Gnomeregan. COULDN’T CARE LESS. Tried this in Legion, and didn’t like the activity.

Visuals and Transmogs

Legacy armor is being prepared for EVERY RACE. Blood elves and dwarves will be the first lucky ones to experience a small race story and get their legacy armor.

All you need is have a 120 character. Does this mean I have to level every race now?… *sob*

And one more happy thing: once you earn Exalted with one toon, the faction tabard will be available to all your alts. Transmoggers, rejoice!


I wonder when this all rolls out. After all, they have PTR tests to go. But even if it happens in January, I have plenty to do until then.

I’m hyped. It’s the best expansion since Pandaria so far:

  • Pandaria brought us the most exciting adventure
  • Draenor brought visuals
  • Legion brought gameplay
  • Battle for Azeroth combines all three.

9 thoughts on “Patch 8.1. – Tides of Vengeance

  1. Thanks for the summary, as always, useful and short :-)

    At last i can work for the allied races, i was waiting for Kul’tirans just to make a druid, heritage armor for other races is welcome, having a 120 character i guess means a character from that race, which means for me a new dwarf and level my blood elf DH from 110, not bad.

    Good news about tabards, at last one less reason to grind reputation for all alts, which is something i don’t want to do.

    I guess the patch will be released before 2019, maybe even before Blizzcon.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Yes, 120 of that race of course. Which limits me to humans, gnomes, goblins and orcs. My highmountain already got one.

      Demon Hunter is an excellent option for blood elves!

      I’m excited to see Kul Tirans among my allies, althgough I don’t plan to level one yet. But this is a great race option to me. If I were able to create a copy of Lady Ashvane, with the same heavy makeup, I would immediately consider a pirate rogue :) She’s so awesome :)

      It’s either immediately after Blizzcon if they manage to test everything on PTR (which I doubt), or in winter. Most likely mid December.

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  2. Uh, thanks a lot for this. Wowhead has begun to overwhelm me, just as the game has, so I appreciate the recap. So much good ahead. And gosh, I know. I am entertained for years with what is in game now.

    On that subject, I really am unsure what people except out of a game. Just because its an MMO does not mean its meant to entertain you for 16 hours a day.

    Hubby talked about Steam, and how much games costs there. I tried to calculate it into WoW subs instead. Then WoW, to me, seemed like a good deal; because there is a lot of entertainment in that, and it seems never ending. At least to me. Compared to a game that is “Till here and not further” if that makes sense.

    And wow, that picture! Im not fond of how Jaina looks there, but the picture is very cool! So, what, sorry, we enter a raid, and fight bosses, and then end up fighting each other across faction or? Did I misunderstand?

    I must admit I am not hyped up about the raids in BfA at all; i feel very little connection to them, compared to Legion where the death of GulDan felt so awesome.

    Warfront in Darkshore and Tyrande quests though, fingers crossed that this will go well.

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    • As far as I understand, Alliance does their raid part first – going from the harbor all the way up to the king’s seat and presumably kills him. Then the Horde starts from outside of the city and throws the Alliance back into the sea. That’s lore.

      You need to kill 6 bosses for every faction as a main story.

      But after you finish the raid, you may opt to talk to some guy and turn into Hordies/Allies to see the adventures of the other faction – killing 3 more bosses. Much like in time travel dungeons – if you queue as a Hordie to Hillsbrad to save Thrall, you’ll be transformed to an Alliance character.

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  3. They announced some interesting things. I’ve been waiting to level my druid until I could make him a Kul Tiran. So that’s nice to know we will be able to soon, though I would prefer it sooner since we already have them join the alliance. I suppose the models aren’t yet finished I would guess.

    Heritage armor for all the races! Yes I am so glad they are doing that. Little sad they are only doing 2 races at the start. Cant wait to see what the gnome one will be.

    A little correction there. The requirements for normal races heritage armor will be 120 amd exalted with your race capital. So for dwarves it will be 120 dwarf and exalted with ironforge.

    They did say they are making some changes to islands besides adding 2 more new ones. I’ll give them a try when the patch comes but I’m not holding out hope for anything spectacular.

    All in all, not bad. Some things were addressed from the negative feedback. Some not touched on either. 2 raids is a nice touch though.

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  4. Those first paragraphs should be printed and framed and nailed to the doors of some people xD (seriously, super agree with them)

    Great summary, Im super excited about the upcoming raid and I havent even set foot in Uldir :p

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