Trivia: Mostly Pictures

First of all, this:


My last week’s project of doing the second zone per leveling toon is almost complete. I’ve got half of Drustvar for Anibell and half of Tiragarde for Paitsu, and we’re good. Then my toons will be hitting 120 midway through their third zone, like this:

Fearella – Voldun (120)
Aurinka – Drustvar (120)
Baisa – Stormsong (120)
Gorhaug – Zuldazar (120)
Anibell – Tiragarde (120)
Pins – Drustvar (120)
Paitsu – Stormsong (120)
Jammu – Voldun (120)

The longest questing is with your first toon of course as you read all the quests and do not know shortcuts or where to go at all. Other alts do speed leveling… but the last one also reads the quests to make it certain that you didn’t miss any fun and/or important details.

I like gathering questing! They are most informative, and either they have something funny or they are touching in the quest texts. My favorite so far is this Herbalism one where you turn into a plant and learn from the bees how to pick flowers:


Actually I’m putting off most of them till the endgame.

Did you notice that not all quests are available for every toon? I cannot calculate why this happens, certainly not about your item level or actual level.

The examples could be the gnome junkpile in Tiragarde, fishing tales in Stormsong, the cult in the north border of Drustvar/Tiragarde.

This is something you cannot miss: for example, you have to take a photo of a gnomish junkpile and therefore see the quest there, but not all the toons do. For a quest of fishing tales, you take it at Fort Daelin, and this is where I hit 118 with my rogue. No such quest. Only Aurinka the Priest got that out of 4 Stormsong completions.

So, Zandalar offered this precious piece for Jammu:


This was the most fun questline of how a goblin scientist and a zandalari witch doctor try to combine their efforts to ensure the white brutosaur coupling… Yes, this is the result – we restored their mojo! Unfortunately, the male is that small now, but witch doctor says that Nature will find a way. I’d like to see that now.

Micromantica is now revered with 7th Legion and Ready for War!


The story just calls for To be continued… Do we wait until the next patch? I’m eager to see it!


Schlitzchen has also seen the part before last in the Horde’s ready for war. A brilliant insight into Forsaken souls.

Schlitzchen has run an Uldir wing – as expected, Horde’s lore is provided by Talanji, not Brann. Canonically it’s obviously Horde that raids there. I laughed a bit how Talanji was literally shocked how stuoid titans contained something so dangerous instead of destroying it :)

Finally, just a Nazmir pic of my warrior Gorhaug :) I think I managed to convey she’s barely out of her teens, and beautifully so :)


3 thoughts on “Trivia: Mostly Pictures

  1. I know about the junkyard quests! I went there on an alt so I could dig in deeper. But it wasn’t available. i just came back the next day amd the quests were there. That questline ends on an open thread that I hope doesnt get forgotten or pushed to the side!

    As for the one in Stormsong. It is a series of quests on that island where the dungeon is and I haven’t been able to determine what makes them pop up. I submitted a ticket and the GM said that sometimes I have to die for the quest to show up. I drowned myself near the questgiver to no avail. I imagine the GM was watching and laughing at me now too.

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    • I don’t remember where my main acquired this quest item (Stromsong quests), but my Hordie got the same quest from a random drop item.

      Funny enough, I didn’t do it once yet even if I got on two toons :) I think I will be covering the loose ends – lots of loose ends – after leveling.

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