Renaming My Priest

So far, I’m happy with my alt name roster.

  • Gorhaug – is an awesome orc name, fits my warrior too.
  • Jammu – sounds quite tauren, and is a bit playful cause you could think of ‘jam’ (as in ‘strawberry jam’)
  • Fearella – this fits my warlock, a pretentious goblin who just had to try on a name to run from. Even if she’s actually quite cheerful.
  • Schlitzchen – I was happy with the name of my goblin shaman since the beginning.
  • Anibell – suits my paladin, a light, sonant and powerful name.
  • Baisa – is for my gnome hunter, quite a neutral gnome name.
  • Paitsu – this one has this oriental vibe, and fits my gnome monk perfectly.
  • Micromantica – this is my main frost mage. It is quite inventive. Probably  I would have chosen a more gnomish one for a new toon, but it would mean changing her identity completely. This name has the longest history in my WoW.

I wasn’t so happy with my rogue gnome’s name Pietra. It had some… Italian vibe, which has nothing to do with her personality – a focused, secretive ninja, a shadow blade. A couple of days ago she was changed to a more gnomish and roguish Pins.


And now with the last of my toons – the priest. Here she is:


Her name in Cyrillic spelled Ауринко (Aurinko), Aurinko meaning ‘the Sun’ in Finnish. I was quite happy with the name. Yet upon transfer the nickname had to be changed into Latin letters, and it was obviously taken. I didn’t think this through, and just switched one letter to Aurinka.

Now I’m thinking of changing it.

What do I want?

  1. Preferably starting with an ‘A’
  2. Two or three syllables, to make it short and shiny gnomish (Addie, Izra, Pommie, Tilly, Kelsie as player and NPC examples).
  3. At the same time, flowing and smooth like elven and draenei names. A bouncy name like Kelsey fits prefectly to a rogue or a hunter, but not for a caster, especially a healer caster. Think Oulu, Auri, Moana and stuff like that :)
  4. The idea is to convey the idea of clear skies – may or may not contain a reference to birds, skies, clouds, rain, rainbow, light, color white or color blue, sun, aura, also priesthood things, angels – or make you think of it when reading the name of senseless letters.
  5. Obviously, with a chance of not being already taken :)

I’d be grateful for a brainstorm in the comments! I’ve literally broken my brain during the past two weeks. Every idea may be the new name or a spark that will ignite my creativity :) Let’s play?

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