Leveling Progress

September 3


September 7


No falling back! :) As you see, Anibell, Paitsu and Jammu leveled a bit – now no toons are below 113. We’ll see what weekend will bring us.

Some trivia thoughts along the way:

  • I’ve really grown to like Nazmir and Stormsong Valley: each zone has been leveled through 3 times already. Jammu has not earned the Nazmir mark yet, but she has only the final onslaught quests left. It’s a mere pleasure to be there.
  • You can decide to switch zones midway! It’s another option to vary your leveling experience. For example, Paitsu has full proof of Lucille Waycrest innocence on her hands, and she just decided to go and do the northern part of Tiragarde instead of returning to execution point. Hope they don’t hang her…
  • Some insane amount of skill points with herbalism and skinning on the way, mining is harder.
  • Micromantica has earned 332 ilvl with world quests – now she’s definitely will be eligible for Uldir with its 340 rewards, right?
  • Two Revered reputations so far: Proudmoore and Storm’s Wake, Order of Embers coming tonight.
  • I’m barely Honored with Magni – it’s the worst yet.
  • So far, so good.

There is a small amusing thing I’d like to share :) Monks in WoW are not your fast brawlers. Their rotation is slow, like destruction warlock’s: you hit, and your fingers rest waiting for GCD to roll. It’s not that they are weak, on the contrary, they’re powerful. But it calls for a very relaxed gameplay.

When in the fray, I caught myself on the thought (in Legion too) that I constantly do small turns with A and D buttons, just to feel the gap between the blows :) Obviously it’s a subconcious desire to turn the monk into a quick and super fast fist-fighting machine like we are used to seeing in kung fu movies :) I’ve embraced the idea that they are not, they’re a mortar type rather than a machine gun… and you just need to ‘Relax. Enjoy’ this pace. No more turns :) And now I know that if I choose my monk to play this evening, this will be a restful and thoughtful gameplay. Serenity!

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