Island Expeditions: What’s So Wrong About Them?

I think it won’t be an exaggeration to say that island expeditions are not accepted by the community as well as they should, an expansion fresh feature and all. The reason is actually quite simple.

Leave island? Yes, please.

Basically it’s a fill-the-bar grind, a type of world quest which takes not three, but ten-fifteen minutes. And this is it.

Competition doesn’t add much – this is actually the only fun thing about them, killing the opposite team. But as long as this is definitely not a way to victory, team battles alone, you’re bound to grind fifteen minutes straight. Just AoE them all, whatever your gear allows.

There is no story involved like with Pandaria scenarios where we did something significant. It’s just grind.

While this is still fresh, and people have 7th Legion rep to farm, this attracts players. This also attracts devoted raiders which need to fill the cap for their azerite power asap. Even so, do they go for expeditions with pleasure?

For players like myself… I’m not feeling obliged to grind them, and frankly I would gladly skip it. Rep will come the other ways, I’m not in a hurry. Azerite is not my top priority.

Blizzard really needs to rework this activity, starting now. So far it looks like a very raw experiment. Not exciting, tedious and absolutely skippable.

P.S. As a thing for eSports, this is a great content, no doubt.

3 thoughts on “Island Expeditions: What’s So Wrong About Them?

  1. I really do not find them fun. Each island is “different” but really they all feel the same. It would be nice if we could fill the bar in different ways than just kill mobs and mine nodes. Maybe take some ideas from BG’s like a capture the flag, or king of the hill tyoe fights.

    For example, there could be an azerite mine in the middle of an island and whichever team controls it has their factions npcs in there mining, filling up the bar.

    I think some more variety is sorely needed to make them engaging. Or at the very least allow us to buy the pets/mounts/tmog with dubloons to give an incentive to farming or something. It seems once people hit exalted with the war reps there could be a steep drop off in active players for islands.

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