Leveling Progress


I’m in no hurry :) My goal is of course covering every questline in the zones and complete the questing for all toons. I suppose this is the most time consuming activity, because daily WQ runs take barely 20-30 minutes.

My September goals is finishing the initiate questing, work on Exalted for all alts (hopefully I’ll be there at least with my pioneer toons), and start with Uldir. Basically I need to check all boxes in the chart above.

I still wonder what will be the Uldir LFR requirements. Micromantica has acquired an off-hand, which immediately brought her up from 315 to 322. I hope this is gonna be enough? With Heroic dungeon entrance barrier being 305, I think that 320 will allow me to raid. Or?

3 thoughts on “Leveling Progress

  1. Yes! You’re on track and youve got your spreadsheet. I really like how you track your progress with them and I’m always happy to see them in your posts.

    I’ve finally hit a stride on my main where I can log in and do some daily stuff that takes at most 1 to 2 hours. So I’ve started to level alts. I decided to do my slow lore run of alts first. One alliance and one horde. Where I go slow and read everything and try to do the quests in a natural flow if story. Yesterday I did the main alliance story in Tiragarde and the outpost in Zuldazar.

    Although with warfronts opening and mythic+ and the raid. I may be back to all my focus on my main again for a little bit!

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  2. I love how organized you are. Are you only focusing on the main questlines for the zones? I want my alts to finish all the main story but it is so hard to resist all the side quests sprinkled around the world!


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