How Old Are Your Toons?

This is an interesting question I keep asking myself about lately. Of course talking about a fantasy world like Warcraft we have to set some ground rules:

  1. We take not actual, but numbers equivalent in our (human) years. Obviously the aging process of different races is very different, and it’s before we even start to talk of draenei and elves. Like when Tolkien said that a 50-year old hobbit is considered “coming of age”, we mark that as 18-21.
  2. For Draenei and Elves, which basically live forever, we take their psychological age rather than course of thousands of years. For example, I would arguably mark Tyrande as 45, Malfurion as 65, Maiev as 40, Illidan as 35, Velen as 75, Yrel as 20. It may give a clue of how to think about your toons if you’re playing draenei or elves (I know you do :)
  3. You also may or may not consider the Warcraft timeline. If your character fought with the Lich King, for example, he’s at least 10-15 years older by the time of BfA events (I’m lazy to calculate the exact gap).

I’ll go through my roster of course :)


I’ve caught myself on the thought that Micromantica is not a young one already. She’s a lady near 40, probably 38-39. She’s seen Cataclysm, walked the lands of Pandaria, fought on Draenor and helped to win the war against the Burning Legion.


Baisa is a seasoned trapper type. She’s well around 33-35, she has lots of stories to tell about the wilds. She walks equal among hunter camps like Roughnecks and is ready to share her experience with younger ones.


Aurinka is about 25. Out of her apprenticeship and temple work she was launched on the frontline against the Legion. She managed to survive the horrors of Argus, hence the experience in her eyes.


Paitsu is 22. She may be of age several years ago, yet she still keeps her teenage weeaboo attitude towards Pandaria culture.


Pietra is 24. She’s not cynical yet, and rogue path attracts her as means to experience the most exciting adventures.


Anibell is 30. She’s well over her teenage idealism, yet she kept her wonderful and kind personality.


Schlitzchen is 33. By her age she’s developed the most unnatural and overwhelming compassion and empathy (unnatural for a goblin of course). Started as a defender of Kezan refugees, she grew into a calm hero for all the good people she meets.


Fearella is 25. Her life so far has been a quest for pleasures, and by her age she firmly knows that providing pleasures is all in her own hands. She’s a party star in towns and a cheerful, easy-going adventurer in the wilds.


Gorhaug is 20, barely out of her teens. She’s new to adventures, and most importantly, politics. She has her firm thoughts about right and wrong, about following honor path, yet she may let others (like Sylvanas or Gallywix) lead her sideways – just due to the lack of experience. She simply recognizes the authority and not yet capable of mutiny on her own.


Finally, Jammu is not out of her teens yet :) She’s 17, the minimum age when she was allowed to travel alone to distant lands from native Highmountain cliffs and teepees. She’s quick to laugh at pompous speech and mocking authorities (when they look the other way), yet she’s a kind nature. The world is her oyster, waiting to be opened!

And now – how old are your toons? 

11 thoughts on “How Old Are Your Toons?

  1. I’d say my priest, Grace, is in her mid 50s. She was a mature adult when she died, and she’s been fighting in wars for years as a forsaken. Unlike @wrathofkublakhan’s hunter, she barely even still has knees! She’s too old for this adventuring sh*t and she’s tired of war, but she will keep fighting for the dark lady as long as she can.

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  2. I think about this from time to time for my characters, too. I can’t necessarily pinpoint my characters’ ages down to an exact year, but for several of them I have a general sense of what decade of her life she is in

    This would be a great Z & Cinder’s Blog Challenge topic!

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  3. This is an interesting idea that the elves and draenei have pretty low psychological age. They aren’t wise elders with their thousands of years of experience, but middle aged or even young and foolish (Illidan).

    Are they some low-IQ race that collects wisdom very slowly? Is a 50-100 years old elf is an insufferable twat making anal jokes on the marketplace?


  4. Fun to read this :) I always had a hard time trying to pin point my night elfs age in role play, the whole thousands of years was hard to relate to. Suggesting the age of Illidan etc in this way is great.

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