Goddamn Trinket!

So, the story is: Pietra is a Rogue, and she has (had) a trinket from Antorus raid.

The effect is as follows: striking an enemy, you automatically throw time bombs under its feet, up to 4-5 with every common mook. Bombs go off automatically after 15 seconds. You also have a 1 minute cooldown which can blow them all up manually. This is meant to add up to your performance, specifically AoE which rogues do not exactly excel at.

Now imagine questing with such a brilliant gadget. ROGUE questing!

The effect is as follows: bombs tend to go off when a neutral pack of mobs is passing by. Also it is perfect to aggro patrols long after you’ve left your crime scene. I mean, perform a perfect sneaking target kill and go upstairs. When you are engaged in your next combat, a patrol of 3-4 mooks is also coming upstairs to get you, aggroed by the bombs you’ve left behind. Also this is so awesome in Freehold when there are dozens of neutral enemies, and when you take down one, you have the whole bar running at you.

My eye was twitching after a couple of quest hubs. And finally I just took it off, with no replacement. Not so much of a DPS or survival loss, mark you.

My next goal was completing the gnome resort questline which provided a trinket reward. The Antorus trinket was humiliated, pissed on, and evaporated in a cloud of dust.

Beware what you wear!

4 thoughts on “Goddamn Trinket!

  1. This is me trying to level my mage as fire. It has caused me far too many issues! I will switch to frost before i go out in the world again. I died 4 times in 10 minutes and I am not doing that again yet. I am still twitchy.


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