Trivia: Expeditions, Alt Leveling, Professions

Every day brings us something new nowadays. Expansion knowledge… well, it expands :)

Thanks to Grimgrog’s comment yesterday, I’ve learnt that island expeditions grant not only azerite power, but also reputation with the 7th Legion. It really does, and it’s a 1500 boost upon completing the bar – one more reason to run them.

I’ve completed 4 more runs yesterday to fill the weekly bar. DPS is king, and with my 312 I’ve deduced that my mode nowadays is Normal. It’s a sure win, we’ve outrun the Horde by half of azerite bar by the time the encounter was over. Other three runs were on Heroic, and it was 2 wins (barely) – 1 lose. Losing an expedition also fills the bar though.

I may go to island expeditions at least for reputation sakes. I’m completely vague about azerite power nowadays – it’s hard to deduce where I’m heading. Of course the more azerite levels the better, but what is my goal? Where’s the end? How many levels I’m supposed to have for my ilvl and raids? No answer. I’m confused, unlike with artifact weapon in Legion: we had a pattern to complete there. So I care not the very least about these shiny rocks :) Let them roll naturally.

Good news for everyone playing alts. I’ve completed a mission for an extra outpost (acquired from 7th Legion quartermaster at Honored), and then you’re sent to open your next flight point on enemy continent. Once you do, there is an extra mission to enhance this outpost. You know what? I saw this mission on alts’ mission table too! Therefore, you are free to complete it on either alt, and I think that the flight points will then be available for everyone from the faction. That’s a great relief.

Here and there I walk into my or other faction’s outposts in the open world. It amazes me how masterfully the map design was done. Upon leveling, you never meet them – you never even suspect that there’s an oupost nearby. For example, when you are sent in Drustvar to a spider mine with silver ingots, did you notice that there’s a goblin outpost just above your head? And Blizzard managed to cover all the zones with convenient flight hubs for every faction.

Alts are on their way. I’ve launched Pietra the Rogue to Tiragarde, Fearella the Warlock into Nazmir. Baisa the Hunter has finished the main Drustvar questline. Once I start to get a bit bored, I immediately switch to another zone and alt. It’s so fun to pick an alt and a zone you feel like playing :) You don’t get tired, and a change of rotations, scenery, toon is just what is required to feel fresh at all times.

Two more classes, Warlock and Rogue, confirm: Mages suck nowadays :) I have zero problems with leveling them, it’s quick and relaxing.

Quick change of professions for Paitsu. She doubled Leather/Skinning with Baisa, and I thought I’d better pick smth my Alliance pack doesn’t have yet. Now it’s Inscription/Herbs, fits for her as a monk (you now, those inked hieroglyphs and stuff). Jewellery is saved for my upcoming Dark Iron.

It is so great that I can now switch Professions in a blink of an eye and immediately start leveling them in BfA!

I’m always short on ores, and I’ve noticed that nodes give some ridiculous amount upon Mining. Not like Herbalism: weeds come in huge bundles. Is it an issue, or are we supposed to spend much more herbs in our herbs professions than ores in Engineering and Blacksmithing? Have to investigate it yet.

Leveling everything is fun. I’m having a great time.

3 thoughts on “Trivia: Expeditions, Alt Leveling, Professions

  1. It is very easy to see which level of the Heart you need. Mouse over your azerite armor pieces and see which Heart level the last slot is unlocked at.

    As you did not get azerite armor from Siege of Boralus, it’s probably around level 20-22.

    If you want to “prepare” for Uldir LFR (i.e. to be able to unlock all traits on azerite armor from Uldir LFR as soon as you acquire them), see those the pieces in adventure journal and note the required Heart level.

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  2. I have tried mythic and PvP level island expeditions now and I can firmly state that I do not like them and they are not for me haha. I am glad that even in losing you still fill up that weekly bar.

    Azerite traits really feel more like a miss for me too. I miss the weapon progression from legion.

    Thats good news about alts too! Whenever I do get around to leveling them I wont have to worry about their rep as much.

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