Warbringers: Azshara Cinematic


The last of the Warbringers cinematics, Azshara, was released on Friday. And there is literally nothing to discuss here.

The cinematic is by all means done perfectly, like the other two. Yet it may be interesting only to those who know little of this lore, ancient as a mammoth’s shit.

Well, seriously, the Sundering events and her deal with N’Zoth has been known to us since… forever? There are no revelations at all, they just showed it to us.

I don’t know what I expected. May be that the deal will be more complex than it seemed. May be some character development otherwise confirming that she’s a power hungry and selfish bitch. May be her current plans. Anything.

Yet we got nothing.

My cinematic rating:

  • Jaina
  • Sylvanas
  • Azshara


10 thoughts on “Warbringers: Azshara Cinematic

  1. I learned nothing really new from it. Maybe the deal she took with N’zoth wasn’t as one sided as I originally assumed. Before I read, she heard a voice as the water swallowed her and accepted it’s offering. Here we get a little back and forth. A small difference in execution, but the end was the same anyway.

    But it would probably be my least favorite of the 3 as well. I did however like the flopping fish telling her to give up. I’m a fan of when being try to talk to “mortals” through unassuming animals in stories.

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  2. I was very underwhelmed with this one, I must admit. It was beautiful made, but I don’t know, I guess I expected new info or something, which was wrong :)


  3. I actually found this the most exciting and enjoyable of them all.
    Ashara is the strongest power on Azeroth at the moment, her power is meant to rival that of kil’jaden and archimonde and this shows that she’s allied with the last old God on her terms with massive plans to expand his empire.
    Seeing the glimpse of zin-ashari was beautiful, the city seemed more developed than surmar in terms of scholars – the constallations on the roofs were gorgeous.
    His comment about liking deals mirrors a similar comment Bwomasadi, the powerful loa of death on the horde side makes. Leaves a lot of speculation about who he has made deals with.
    I cannot wait to see where this twist takes us now.

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    • Zin-Azshari was the capital of the whole elven empire :) Of course it would be gorgeous. I think Suramar was some village town.

      Bwonsamdi is a voodoo rip-off from Baron Samedi, of course he is all about deals :)

      As for N’Zoth, obviously he saved them not for nothing, but with a purpose to act in the name of the Void. Why would he do it for free? :) He needs active minions. It’s no big news or news at all. We know from Warcraft Chronicles that naga aided Illidan in W3 Frozen Throne by N’Zoth’s command, with a purpose to help him destroy the Burning Legion. I don’t think there’s a link to Bwonsamdi, comparing deals is like comparing Anduin and Arthas on the basis that both have swords.

      Like I said, the cinematic is awesome, but there’s not a single new thing (except for Flappyboi of course). Hence the chagrin.


    • I can’t agree more. It was the most compelling in where it could possibly lead. The revelation of the deal being ‘on her terms’ sets a bit of a precedence story wise. Before it she was basically the Archimonde of N’zoth, but after it she could be so much more!

      I am now really curious to see how things will play out with Ashara. I know she is a planned raid boss but I am hoping they have more planned for her. They seem to be teasing that but time will tell. :)


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