Leveling Alts and Little Things

Definitely this is the busiest time in the expansion.

Of previously mentioned goals, I wanted to see the full story on both Alliance and Horde, work on reputations for “mains” and level alts. This is how it goes.

Level Cap Endgame

My cap toons, Micromantica/Alliance and Schlitzchen/Horde, now leave no emissaries unattended, eager to see the story of War Campaign.

Micromantica has reached 4500/6000 Friendly and got access to the War Campaugn chapter five. For those interested, here’s the current 7th Legion/Honorbound reputation gating for War Campaign:

  • Parts 1-3 (basic outposts): available during leveling after every 2 levels
  • Part 4: level 120
  • Part 5: 4500/6000 Honorbound/7th Legion
  • Part 6: 3000/12000 Honorbound/7th Legion
  • Part 7: 7500/12000 Honorbound/7th Legion
  • Part 8: Revered Honorbound/7th Legion

Upon reaching Honored and Revered you also get contracts for the mission table to unlock extra flying paths in the enemy continent.

As you see, the design is much like in Suramar: you may clear the whole range of world quests daily to speed things up, or opt for just emissary/mission table if you have nowhere to hurry (my choice).

I’m getting comfortable with world questing – each and every travel to a WQ area makes the picture of the world more full, you are forming ties and bonds between travel points, learning your shortcuts and bad shortcuts which will make it a lot easier on alts and subsequent visits.

Besides, you can discover many hidden things on the way :) How do you like that reference:


They’re just there, they have a treasure chest and don’t attack when you take it (which is a relief).

For a reason unknown, Micromantica has missed a small side questline in Fort Daelin of Stormsong Valley where three fishermen boast about catching and fighting monstrous fish :) This is much like A Day When Deathwing Came questline in Badlands, obviously with lots of fun and giving a special achievement.

But overall I think I did every questline that came to me naturally. Schlitzchen has finished Zandalar in full, including Nesingwary questline. Spoiler: it’s not as grindy as before and has a detective story involved :)

In Nazmir there is one more nice reference for Horde players: you get a pet crawg with the name Dart!


Yes, Dart as in Stranger Things, and if the name of the series says nothing to you, go and see it – just whatever genre you like to watch, it’s brilliant.

I’m just shivering at the mere thought how many things like that are hidden throughout the zones! But I think for now I’ll be focusing on world quests and search for smaller riddles and quests later.

I’ve seen Motherlode! dungeon, it is classy, and goblins are fun to fight with. What is left to see now is King’s Rest only, and I think I put it off until I level my Balance Druid or Destruction Warlock – just want to go ranged there. No questlines in the dungeon, and we have a lore lead-in, so I’ll just visit for a tour and be done with it.

Micromantica now is 317 – I wonder what is the Uldir ilvl barrier for LFR. Considering heroic dungeons are hidden under 305, I think Uldir will be somewhere in between 315-325. My goal is to suit up all toons for LFR raiding of course, and doing so with world quests is a bliss.

Island Expeditions

…are a joke :) I guess they were designed for those who need to grind AP. I’ve traveled to two separate islands on heroic difficulty – one we won, one was lost. They are not exciting to me, and I may travel there for certain achievements, but I don’t see it as a fun activity. I think that timer is what makes them not fun. I don’t want to excel there – much like in dungeons. A tour is nice, but this is it.

Leveling Alts

I’ve already started the progress to the tops with my alts. There is actually no plan at all. I pick an alt I feel like playing and finish a random zone – where I feel like playing. Eventually all of them will be there at 120 and raiding. So far:

  • Baisa the Hunter – is 113 and finishing Drustvar tonight, the last leg left.
  • Aurinko the Priest – is 115 and finished Stormsong in full.
  • Paitsu the Monk – is 110 and touched the beginning of Drustvar up to witch trial.

The leveling is very unfair between classes. Very, very unfair to my main – the mage!

See, my shaman had little to none problem, specifically with Roots of Shaladrassil active. The fights were quick and engaging.

My hunter has ZERO problems. Even if she’s Marksmanship and chooses to go without a pet, she feels like a true bowman: a carefully planted Aimed Shot may be the only blow I need to kill a mob. One-shot, yes – but most often, just two or three. A pre-casted aimed shot and two instant. This is excellent, she’s so powerful and focused.

Frankly I thought may be to delete my monk, and I took her to the field to see if playing would be tedious in BfA. No way, it’s actually a mere pleasure. Windwalker is very quick to wipe the enemies down and has an excellent survivability.

And now to the main course: I’ve leveled Aurinka the Priest in Holy spec. In the healing spec. You know what? She wipes the enemies with the same speed as Micromantica the Mage. In her healing spec. Only that she has a convenient range of healing spells to sustain herself. Rares? No problem. Aggroing an evil pack of mobs? No problem, as long as they are 5 – six and up may lead to death. She’s a mortar:


Now tell me how Blizzard loves mages :)

Anyways, leveling without the need of shoveling gigabytes of quest texts is a breeze now. From time to time I read a quest or two, but mostly I’m all filled in and motivated, and I’ll be driving alts to cap with no sweat – may be they will even be ready for Uldir LFR when it opens.

So far, so good.

15 thoughts on “Leveling Alts and Little Things

  1. There is a timer in Island Expedition, but it simply shows the time until azerite detector finds new big azerite deposit (deposits show up as red crosses on your map). Beyond that, timer has no influence on the outcome of the expedition.

    What you compete against is the other faction’s team. It also does collect azerite, and if it reaches the target faster than your team, you lose. This is easily counteracted by finding and killing the enemy team. In PvE settings, it is quite easy to do if you go 3 vs 3. By killing them, you place them on their ship with up to 30-second revive timer, away from any available deposits, and they also drop up to 250 azerite each. Also, the monsters they were fighting, which were grey to your team, will now be yours.


    • Yeah, I figured this all out. By timer I mean competition. I just hate this sort of gameplay.

      The same example is Starcraft II missions. For most of them the mission design urges you to play aggressively, or else. I prefer taking my time, slowly building a base and accumulating forces, then coming like a doom. No one lets me do that in campaign :)

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  2. I am so lost in what to do. I had no idea those missions were to unlock flight plans. I know there are island challenges but haven’t even found where to go to do one. It certainly isn’t obvious in game. I did the one sample? For lack of a better term. It was not easy solo and I died twice.


    • For island expeditions there is a lead-in quest, and you queue at exactly the same place later. Haven’t seen the Horde yet, but for Alliance you need the table in the middle of the wharf, nearby the main mission ship.

      For flight paths, I’ve never thought about it. It’s just I reached Honored with 7th Legion and checked for the new goods, and here they are :) It’s only logical as you progress with war campaign, you obtain new bases.

      Basically my to-do list is the same in every expansion: see the stories, explore, do world quests, do reputations :) Blizzard is leading you by hand, so it’s pretty hard to miss anything too vital.

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      • Yeah. We’ve gotten world quests unlocked, and are just running what we can to finish areas. Had our first world quest that required a raid group. We got so use to doing a blue WQ that we didn’t even notice his health was 1.6 million. Died instantly. Used group finder, got in a group, zoned into his AoE attack, died instantly group fell apart, tried again, entire area around him killed 75% of the group in one shot. My wife made it back just in time to get credit, I missed. Had to do it again, there really isn’t a safe spot. Died again but just sat there to get credit. That was a theme for much of last night.


      • I’m camping these guys :) Sooner than later there will be a bunch of adventurers gathered around, and you just contribute once there will be a brave one to start (usually a pet class, a warlock or a hunter).

        It was a real adventure when there was this construct in my current LEVELING hub – which means it aggroed at my 112 priest in a hundred mile radius, stomping me into the ground with a couple of blows. Had to sneak around and wait for other players to keep it busy while I frantically completed my questing goals :) It’s no bad design, it was actually awesome.

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        • I’m focusing on the Honorbound quests that have me in Alliance territory while there is a good chance that if I get automatically flagged for PvP that I won’t need to spend 5 minutes tabbed our waiting for it to unflag so I can Rez. Once I’m done with their rep? I really have no intention of ever going back. It’s just not for me, and the rewards aren’t worth the repair bills. It’s just my preference.

          I wasn’t thrilled at all questing in a spot where we needed a bunch for a WQ and having two Alliance guys constantly dragging more on top of us for fun. I’ve never been one to grief other players. I’d rather walk away.

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  3. I am chipping away at the war campaign slowly but surely. Last night I just finished part 7. One thing to add to that list of unlocks is that when you are done with part 7 it unlocks the opposite factions mythic only dungeon for you. For me, I was able to do King’s Rest.

    The campaign is fun, however I would be lying if I said it were the main motivation for me. Dark Iron Dwarves and their proximity to us in this campaign have me desiring more and more to play one. They have quickly become my primary motivating factor to do 7th legion rep haha.


    • How are you advancing with rep so quickly? :) Doing many quests in Zandalar? I’ve never missed an emissary or a mission, and I’m 1350/12000 Honored.
      P.S. Not that I’m in a rush, just curious.


      • Oh completing the weekly island expeditions rewards reputation as well as azerite power. I am not a fan of those islands, but I do what I must for my sweet dark irons!


  4. I agree with you totally on the island expeditions. What is the point of them? I was hoping they would be better way to grind AP than doing world quests, but at this point the WQs are way more fun.


  5. So much to do ahead. Those Island Expeditions – is that at 120? Warfronts? That’s a totally different thing…Hah, so much to do, so much I have no clue about!

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    • Island expeditions are a 120 thing that can be a fun romp for some AP and a chance at rewards. They can be run repeatedly if you like but I have found it best to just do enough to get the weekly bonus completed and move on to other things.

      As to Warfonts. They are not out just yet but will be interesting to see how they blend in with the over all game. :)

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