What Now?


Lo! My shaman Schlitzchen is the second toon to reach 120.

Surprisingly the Horde’s quest achievement doesn’t require their mythic dungeon, King’s Rest. We know what must be done there, but the epic/cinematic part happens after completing a scenario, and we’re good.

She’s also advanced through the very same 4 parts of the war campaign and finished the leveling dungeons.

I have 3 side quest hubs to finish in Zuldazar and 3 side quest hubs to complete in Nazmir, so the whole lot of proper questing will be done for both factions in the course of coming evening.

Which brings us to endgame.

My plans now are as follows:

  1. Micromantica proceeds with world quests, not missing a single emissary. Reputations are vital for further lore.
  2. Schlitzchen does so as well.
  3. Schlitzchen finishes side questing to see the whole picture and leave no Zandalar parts unattended.
  4. Schlitzchen goes to see Motherlode dungeon – a return to Kezan – and King’s Rest for a tour.
  5. Micromantica may try island expeditions.
  6. Leveling other toons in spare time – hopefully it will be much, much faster due to I don’t need to thoroughly read the quests and seek for paths.

What I definitely don’t do:

  1. Deliberately gear up. Micromantica is now 305 which is enough for heroic dungeons, but I’m gonna just grab the gear quests through emissaries. I really need to know the Uldir gear requirements.
  2. Deliberately hunt for azerite. I never grinded AP in Legion, not once, neither I’m going to do so in BfA.

Now that the zones are covered, it is time to get comfortable in our new home continents. To get used to flight paths, world questing, and see our alts through. The adventures continue!

5 thoughts on “What Now?

  1. Well looks like you’ve got a good plan layed out already. Ive only got my one character to max but I have finished all the kul tiras quests except for one line in Stormsong that I only see the next quest appear every couple days. My immediate goals are to finish exploring Zandalar and doing all the quests available to me there. And I wish to do all the dungeons on mythic at least once. So I must do some rep with 7th legion to go to kings rest.


  2. Really wish they hadn’t locked the Alliance one behind mythic. There are many people out there that won’t get to see the conclusion for quite some time due to gearing and what not. This leaves them with no option but to have it spoiled for them just because it is everywhere now.


    • I agree 100%, but I started my own group at my 297, with a stated purpose of Jaina quest, and it worked :)
      It’s possible to complete if you have enough desire to do so, yet it’s a bad design.

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