Stormsong Valley Overview: Farmers, Piggies and Sea Invasions

Stormsong Valley is the northern piece of Kul Tiras where Kul Tiran ships are blessed by sea priests. It’s also a bread basket for the nation, so it’s a farmers region.


Unlike other zone reviews, this one well may be started with the scenery. It’s the most beautiful zone among all six, no question. This is exactly what we wanted and lacked so much since Pandaria – an opened verdant scenery.

Unlike Pandaria, this is definitely a European landscape (obviously). While Valley of Four Winds farmers were individuals and families, Stormsong Valley forms enclaves and communities specializing on certain production: honey, livestock, grain, mills, fishing.

All of them experience their own specific problems. What makes the zone diverse despite the same looks throughout east – west and north – south are its enemies.

Quillboars, ettin, naga, wolves, crazy experiments like mutated bees and rats – and for the first time we see the honey elementals! The range of what we deal with is great. The most fun part is the honey storyline, the most interesting is quillboars, and the most boring are naga.

Minor questlines like always-evil Trade Co. and pirate treasure hunt are quite engaging and well written. I laughed so hard when your toon decides to share the treasure fair and square among all the searching company (200+ people), and you get your honest share of 2 gold coins :) Really, even goblin rip offs which split the reward 80/20 (guess who gets 80%) are normally more generous. Also there is an awesome gnome rogue accompanying you on the questline.

Quite unexpectedly the zone is under a full-scale Horde attack! A paratrooper assault right into the zone capital in the middle of its lands is definitely shocking, and the Horde has a massive war base in the zone too, not just a small rogue outpost. Lorewise, you are first successful in your quest to set their base on fire and eliminate their forces, but then Horde manages to retake it back (a part of war campaign for Horde toons).

The core story, other than it takes little playtime compared to everything else, is the lovecraftian cthulhu cult (three guesses who’s behind it?). This appeared to be the most tedious and boring of all the leveling questlines. Good people in power gone mad and succumbed to an ancient evil – I have not enough fingers on my hands to count how many times the plot was used in WoW only. And the motivation is the most boring: you, the good-willed clever guys, just immediately do what some eldritch voices say. And the dungeon does not help with the experience: it’s not even a plot twist, it’s exactly what you’ve guessed.

Still, these grim slopes occupy a little part of the zone. And for a change (another phrase that I use very often describing this expansion), the zone is a sunlit verdant valley with peaceful hamlets and towns, with its resort beachlines that you definitely want to live in. Well, at least go for world questing there.

9/10, taking a point off for Stormsong questline and its grim grindy cliffs.

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