Nazmir Overview: Baron Samedi, Bleeding Hollow and Frog’wa

Nazmir is the northern part of Zandalar continent, and is overrun by crazy evil blood troll cult. You are sent there to find evidence for the threat and see what mustbe done with it.


Nazmir is the darkest and the most disturbing of Zandalar zones. Your Horde toon goes in a perfect circle through questing, ending around the most disturbing lair in the heart of the zone – a lair of the Old God G’huun. Well, technically he’s a Titan experiment, but he behaves like an Old God, so what’s in the name?

Nazmir is all about the vile swamps. We have a small sunlit resort shore in the east and a tranquil lair of the frog loa, but the whole zone is very dark and disturbing. I do not mention Bleeding Hollow clan in vain: like in Tanaan, the lands are warped and twisted with blood magic (and even its animations are mostly the same).

Blood magic means sacrifices, and they are plenty. The blood trolls are very industrious in this business. What you mostly do is trying to stop the rituals (successful at times) and witness how they try to drain blood out of everything – even loa beasts. It is gore in its prime, crude knives, poisons, necromancy, bloodsucking ticks and crawg beasts, and blood, blood, blood everywhere. Surely being crazed by an eldritch being it’s not an inventive plot, but it’s taken to such extremities that it’s actually very interesting and engaging. There’s just absolutely nothing good left in the zone, everything is overrun by blood trolls. By the way, they are pale despite all the blood magic – an interesting parallel to pale Draenor orcs.

There’s little to none subzones to be at with pleasure, but Nazmir has its characters. Princess Talanji herself is a lot like Lucille Waycrest, she inspires a lot of respect for her active campaign, but otherwise is very bleak as a character. But here we have an amusing frog loa Krag’wa (whether you lke frogs or find them scary, you are intimidated in his presence), an awesome beyond awesome goblin squad. You do a lot of stuff with tortollans which prove to be not only annoying grandparents, but also quite sturdy fighters – another possible allied race option for Hordies. And you get Bwonsamdi.

Anyone who is acquiainted with IRL voodoo religion would immediately see the parallel to the IRL loa of death – Baron Samedi (“Baron Saturday” in French). The name’s not even veiled, it’s like Odin IRL and Odyn in WoW. Like Stormheim introduced us Valhalla myths, the whole Zandalar explores Carribean/Louisiana voodoo. Loa are powerful, and you need to bargain to earn their gifts.

Bwonsamdi is brought to life by an amazing voice actor, and has already earned a well-deserved cult among the WoW community. He’s a trickster, he taunts and tempts, and it is the utmost pleasure to hear him talking (and watching his acting movements in cinematics). For reasons unknown, he’s given Ryuk’s appearance from Death Note anime, another well known culture figure, which makes him even more stylish. Ryuk is also a demon of death, so this fits.


Overall, this is not a nice zone to quest in, it’s very dark and disturbing. But at the same time the zone message hits you like a sledgehammer, and you are so motivated to go raiding.

8/10 – earns higher points for being very convincing, also Krag’wa and Bwonsamdi.


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