Legendary Pants & Enhancement Shaman

So… upon 115 the Legion legendary bonuses are off.

And my shaman is the squishiest thing ever – again.

She’s been wearing Roots of Shaladrassil pants since Argus, and before now I didn’t realise how much it influenced my smooth gameplay.

Healing surge spell is now in my rotation, and I’m much, much more careful now when hacking and aggroing mobs. The road to 120 will be dangerous again.

Which returns us to the question: Blizzard, when my mail armor shaman will stop feeling like a cloth clad mage?


5 thoughts on “Legendary Pants & Enhancement Shaman

  1. Ouch, I know I will feel a big difference once I hit 115 too. Such huge survival bonuses to the legendaries I am wearing now too!


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