And here we are :) Barely a quarter of Stormsong Valley, and I’m reaching 120.

Side questlines help a lot, as you can see. I’ve completed Drustvar and Tiragarde Sound in full, so I barely managed to dig the major Stormsong questline I’ve reached the cap.  There were quillboars, Horde, naga, treasure digging and a half of the major Stormsong questline to go, which I had to complete later.

Which I did of course, and earned my first Pathfinder piece:


The important thing now is that I have no side questlines unattended for the Alliance leveling part. That means that my alts will definitely level through the main ones, and beat up the side questlines of choice later to reach the cap. The same is planned for the Horde toons, as I mean to play through the Zandalar zones in full with my first toon there, and choose paths later for the followers.

Level cap presents us some opportunities.

First, world quests are ready, and your flightmaster whistle is updated. I even did some world quests during actual questlines, which made it a bit longer, yet rewarding. From now on, Micromantica is gonna be industrious with covering emissaries. They reward very nice pieces of gear, also you could buy some upgrades – like a 320 cape on Friendly.

Reputations are of utmost importance to get the quartermaster goods, and also War Campaign is gated behind earning trust with 7th Legion. Mission tables now offer azerite, rep tokens and gold – haven’t seen anything beyond that, and I go only with tokens now.

Second, it’s War Campaign. I’ve moved to establishing all three outposts, and we then hunted and killed a blood elf archaeologist as a step four. This let us set another camp and flight zone in Vol’dun.

When I came to Zuldazar again for a Tortollan world quest, the Alliance expedition had some proper questing to do there. I will need to check this too – obviously this will add up to reputations.

Third, it’s Jaina questline. Apart from some questing, it requires 3 leveling dungeon re-runs. This is a bad thing, because I’m not a fan of re-running dungeons for multiple errands (mythics, go away). I will need to check on alts whether I can do the zone’s final quest and Jaina quest in one go, or if the zone final quest in dungeon is first required to get to Jaina’s questline. If two runs of the same dungeon are intended, it’s a bad design imo.

Anyways, dungeon runs are best put off to level 120 – to gear up. I like them all a lot, although trash maybe a bit too much. It may be better later when we are dressed better and would cut through them like a hot knife through butter. I’m impressed how people are nice to each other, I haven’t seen a dialogue this nice… like never? Mind you, it was after a third wipe at the same boss:


Jaina’s questline ends up with a mythic Siege of Boralus. I would try to do it in the evening, I did a group in the morning but only DPS managed to sign up in the course of 15 minutes.

Did you notice that heroic dungeons now require 305 ilvl, while Uldir LFR wants 300? I don’t know if it’s a bug, yet it looks very strange.

Now let’s revise the whole leveling experience.

Good things:

  • Questlines are many, very many, and very diverse.
  • Questlines end up with dungeons to finish the story.
  • Questlines are very cool and inventive.
  • Many great NPC characters on the way.
  • Great pathways – you never get lost and are led carefully through the zone. You also open almost all the map and all the flight paths on your way.
  • Obviously great storytelling, from minor fun questlines to major epic ones.

Bad things:

  • All in all it feels like 20-80 leveling: not too easy, sometimes tedious, and god bless you if you are not of the faster classes. Mage leveling feels like forever, shaman is very smooth. I wonder how leveling in healing specs would look like.
  • Lots of grindy quests – slay 15 is so not today’s WoW.
  • Throwing in extra quests in a hub is a must. It’s like washing dishes: when you feel like you’re done, they remind you there’s a frying pan or a pot left. You start into a hub with 2-3 quests, and on the way you immediately get a couple more. It happens with every quest pack, and frankly it’s very exhausting.

My current agenda is as follows:

  • Dig reputations through emissary quests and mission table with Micromantica, a morning coffee routine.
  • Finish the Jaina questline with Micromantica – probably it’s gonna be my only Siege of Boralus dungeon run.
  • See which proper questlines in Zandalar are available.
  • Drive Schlitzchen through the Horde zones and up to 120. She’s currently fresh 113, covering up Vol’dun side questing (I believe it’s 3 hubs to go).
  • See if I can get her “Jaina” questline Horde analogue without completing leveling dungeons and do the dungeons for both zone and Rastakhan questlines at 120.
  • When done, switch to alts :)

Meanwhile, I’ll be writing the zone reviews :) I have the remaining Alliance two completed, so they will be coming this week.


8 thoughts on “Ding!

  1. Is the Jaina quests something that just starts along the way or? Sorry, I got confused. I’m just half way through my first zone. I take it, it’s impossible to get lost? Meaning I don’t miss out on the important quests you mention? :)


    • It’s actually pretty convenient, you see Jaina’s quest in the city upon 120 (or upon Kul Tourist?). So I suggest people do the zones in full first (main storylines for achievement), then proceed to cap content.

      The question is whether you want double dungeon runs – first for zone storyline, then same for Jaina storyline. My best guess is that you wait with any dungeons until 120 and progressing through Jaina story. This way it will beat both questlines, gear you up with 310s, and the dungeon experience is very scarce anyways.

      Liked by 1 person

      • Aha I see, thank you for clarifying that :) I have been thinking about that – saving things for 120. I mean, I’ll be 120 for long enough anyway, I imagine, so better just hold off doing Dungeons etc until then.

        How about rare spawns? Best to save killing those for the chance of an upgrade when hitting 120 and are undergeared, or?


    • It appears to unlock at 120, and having kul tourist achievement. I leveled with a group and 3 of us got kul tourist and the quest, the other 2 who are max level didn’t have the questline.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Nice work! I still have to unlock the siege but I’m in that questline now. So much to do I almost dont have time to log into an alt!

    Cant wait to see the rest of your zone overviews.

    Liked by 2 people

    • Same, the very same. Of course I’m doing Horde now because lore, but I don’t know yet when I will have time for alts. I need at least a healer and a tank ready for Uldir LFR in the middle of September. I’m craving to level and item level all 10 to raid. We’ll see.

      Liked by 2 people

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