BfA Launch Hype Commences… Now

We have 7 hours left until launch, and we’re almost ready. What are your game activities during the past weekend and the upcoming launch night?

Here’s mine:

I’ve deliberately not played a lot during weekend and devoted much of my spare time to watching The Terror series till the end. It’s about a mysteriously vanished expedition of British sailors in 1840s, a mystical thriller based on real events, and it’s a very atmospheric piece of art from AMC.

When I actually logged in, I’ve run both Air elemental plane dungeon and raid in Uldum with all of my toons for dungeon mounts. No luck heh :)

I covered the few remaining dungeon achievements in WoD – it’s been a nostalgic and fun ride.

I’ve taken my relatively fresh Highmountain druid for a map spin and opened all the Azeroth map with her, including the time-travel Silithus, Teldrassil, Tirisfal Glades. Just because it’s a must for all my toons. It’s been a great help that Draenors, Pandaria and Northrend were already covered as a part of leveling experience. I also kept flying into random Alliance camps by habit and found myself surprisingly dead :)

I’ve checked my professions lists on alts and found them completed at 800. Woo-hoo!

Today in the morning I’ve finished composing a new track for my band. One to go to complete the next album writing!

For the evening, I have a #BirdofFriendship event planned. Like in WoD’s last hours, the same guild offers a heroic Argus kill to everyone that wants a free mount :) I’ll try to fit in.

When done, I’ll be running with a dwarf shaman – just leveling a bit for fun sakes from level 1, dreaming about my upcoming Dark Iron!

I have a day off for tomorrow, and with EU launch at 1 a.m. I may see how this all goes and probably go to bed very soon to start fresh in the early morning.

I’ll be the one admiring every next grass leaf and views, carefully reading the quests and enjoying the adventure! A busy day awaits us, and it’s important not to get lore overdosed like it was in Legion. Slow and steady.

See you on the other side!

4 thoughts on “BfA Launch Hype Commences… Now

  1. Great tv series choice. I had read the book ages ago (amazing book, highly recommend), when I saw the series was going to be made with such a talented cast I was thrilled :D

    Happy launch adventures ^^

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  2. I rebuilt my UI, learn a smidge of lua, and adjusted some keybinds. Now to sneek in some camera controls/emotes for better snapshots. hehe

    Well done on the frindship birb. I love seeing when the community gets to gether for positive things like this! <3


  3. Is it the mount from Vortex Pinnacle dungeon you are chasing? That one drops on Normal so you can just keep repeating the dungeon until it drops.
    No help with the raid one though, sorry.


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