Preparing for BfA: My Bucket List Complete

It is three days left until expansion, and I have effectively nothing to do.

Let’s see it through.


  • Legion Quests & Exploration achievements – done, 100%!
  • Legion Profession achievements – done, 99% (1 pristine to go for Archaeology).
  • Alt Professions capped at 800 – done… I guess :) I think there are few to go on random alts, but it’s not really an issue. It may be a thing to check on weekend.
  • Collect Legion pets – done.
  • Collect all class sets from all Legion raids – done, for all 12 classes.
  • Collect all the paragon reputation mounts, toys and pets – done.



  • Play through the War of Thorns 1 & 2 in Darkshore at least with one Alliance and one Horde character – done.
  • Play through the Battle for Lordaeron scenario – done, for all toons.


  • Gear up with Darkshore world quests in every slot available and get all classes transmogs – done, for every toon.
  • Relocate artifact weapons and legendaries in the bank – done.
  • Obtain the last legendary item per toon for transmog sakes – done.

Cleaning Up Quest Logs and Missions

  • Clear up the quest logs to point zero – done, either canceled or completed.
  • Clear up the remaining Nomi orders, running missions – done.

Cleaning Bags

  • Vendor or AH everything of value concerning Legion gameplay (food, mats) – done.
  • Throw away everything of zero value concerning Legion gameplay – mission table items, ancient mana stone, vrykul harpoon etc. – done.
  • Clear up banks – not done, not needed. I hoard very few things there – mostly memorabilia and holiday items. Legendaries and weapons fall into memorabilia category now.

Cleaning Up Alts

  • Revise your alts roster and pick the ones you’ll play in BfA – done, 17 alts cut to 10.
  • Choose your main – done, I love all my alts equally :)
  • Do realm transfers – done 6/10, an important task for me.

Prepare for the Journey

  • Buy whatever food, goblin gliders and other items of convenience you need for leveling – done, in my case it’s just goblin gliders.
  • Check in Uldum portal and park your toons nearby Silithus for the very first BfA quest – done.

And as long as I’m there in Uldum, why not farm the Air domains a bit for elusive dragon mounts? :)

Gorhaug’s Bags Example: 


9 thoughts on “Preparing for BfA: My Bucket List Complete

  1. Well done! I have yet to sort everything. I just spent far to much time re-working some keybinds I wasn’t completely happy with and now I’m mucking with the UI. Hopefully tomorrow I can really dive in and sort bags, banks and alts. :)

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  2. Really good list. I’d forgotten that I can move my characters up and down the roster panel and I will do that for the “chosen” to attend to the Battle for Azeroth at the top. Thank you for the quality of life improvement!

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    • Hm… I didn’t specifically write about panel arrangement, but I’m glad my post helped :)

      I arrange my toons by races and factions. Currently from top to bottom: Gnomes > Human > Goblins > Orc > Tauren.

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  3. I really love reading your organizing posts. So concise and clean. I have yet to ready my characters for expansion. This weekend I will go through them and clean out their bags. And spend any garrison resources I have left to funnel materials to my characters to make water walking potions and goblin gliders. These things sold so fast at the start of legion, I hope I can make some pocket change with them again.

    Then after that I will have to make sure each of them has a tmog set up I am happy with and park them probably in stormwind, I havent dine the war of thorns or the battle for lordaeron on most of them. But I can at least start prepping them with rested while I focus on my main for a while. I’m getting more excited for the launch the closer it gets.

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  4. I am too sentimental — I will keep the Suramar mana stone and the Stormheim grapple gun in my banks as keepsakes of this xpac. Thanks for the reminder to clean out all the other junk, though!

    Near the beginning of an expac, I usually reorganize my character screen to put toons I’m actively doing stuff with at the top and toons that are idling at the bottom. By the end, I’m leaving them stacked in the order that they got to max level.

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  5. That’s an impressive list of things completed and organized! And thank you for reminding me that I need a few more goblin gliders in my bags before launch day.


  6. Very impressive list! Those are the most empty bags I have ever seen! I have 2 empty hexweave bags plus some more space. I thought I had done a good job with cleaning, but I know what Illidan would say to me ;-)


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