25 Random IRL Facts About Myself

So far, we have such a vibrant blogging community :) And I keep catching myself with the thought that I’d like to learn more about the people behind all the great posting. the About sections when they are present are normally not enough :)

I suggest a topic theme – tell your fellow bloggers about yourself. I thought that 20-25 IRL random facts would be just the right number – not too little to crave for more, not too big to get tired. Starting with myself as an example of course.

  1. I was born in a town of Kirov, a region center in European part of Russia to a family of history teachers. My dad teaches in a university, and my mom educates school kids.
  2. I moved alone to Saint-Petersburg, the second largest city in Russia, at the age of 17 when I entered a university. This is an unusual choice as most kids from my class went to Moscow or stayed in Kirov after school. I love the city of Saint-Petersburg since my trips there at the age of six, and I’m not thinking of moving ever.
  3. I have a day job as a search engine optimization specialist in an international corporation. Not what I was taught for in university :)
  4. I’m happily married – counting pre-wedding living together, it’s been 8 years so far.
  5. We have no kids – after several discussions, we are both firm in thought that our life is too awesome to make such drastical changes.
  6. But we have two awesome siberian breed cats to care about! We’re both cat persons, and before getting our first one we could spend a couple of hours over a bottle of wine and random youtube cat videos.
  7. My wife and I are travelers – every vacation equals exploring another countries – cities, not nature. We’ve been to almost all the Europe, Turkey, China, Japan, and we have an arm-long list of destinations to go.
  8. We plan the whole trip by ourselves, and we’re pro. See the whole Rome in one day? Check!
  9. I like to start learning foreign languages, although I’m fluent in English only. Yet my mind is trained to learn the phrases while on the road. I can read any French text without stumbling, I understand the general idea of Swedish texts if not all words, and I can detect the ingredients on Finnish cans and packs without translation.
  10. My life-long hobby project is a fantasy-metal band for which I do 80% of composing, 100% of lyrics writing and 100% of programming and playing keyboards. We fuse every style possible, aiming for delivering catchy, fast and dancing melody experience, while telling dark humor forest fairy-tales in lyrics.
  11. We’ve been to several countries outside Russia for gigs, recorded several full-length albums and have a decent fanbase all over the world, but frankly it doesn’t cover even half of band expenses :) Music for me is a hobby, and an outcome for my creativity.
  12. My third major hobby, aside from traveling and music, is WoW.
  13. High fantasy is my ever favorite genre, starting with Tolkien books in school days.
  14. My first Blizzard games were Rock’n’Roll Racing and Lost Vikings on Sega Genesis. Which I enjoyed. A lot!
  15. My first Warcraft game was Warcraft II which I played at Sony Playstation. An RTS with a joystick!
  16. I started blogging to share my thoughts and discuss the game I’m playing, as neither of my IRL acquaintances plays WoW.
  17. I’m heavily short-sighted – to an extent that I didn’t serve an obligatory year for males in Russian army. Later, I had an operation that allows me not to use glasses or lenses, but myopia stays (as they just adjusted the cornea thickness with laser).
  18. If I had to choose only three types of food that I would be eating to the rest of my life, this would be dumplings of every sort (russian and asian), potatoes cooked in every type possible, and “green” salads (includes dill, green onions, cucumbers, tomatoes with oil or sour cream).
  19. I eat healthy food, junk food is quite a rare occasion – probably once in three months. I’m a party-only smoker and a mild drinker, preferring beers and whiskey long-drinks once in a weekend. I detest every type of drugs, including pretty harmless weed. The reason is: alcohol brings out your essence, your true self, while drugs effect makes you something you are not.
  20. I’m worried about my extra weight (“extra” means not too much to be ugly or be called fat, but quite enough to be noticed). It’s the result of a sitting job, and quickly losing interest to any sports that I try :)
  21. I hate hot weather. Current 25-30o Celcius summer is killing me. The perfect one is 10-18 degrees tops, cloudy, no rain.
  22. I’m highly tolerant in every way possible, yet I enjoy intolerant jokes :)
  23. I cannot drive and we don’t have a car, as it’s just not required in a megalopolis like Saint-Petersburg with an excellent public transport system.
  24. I’m afraid of caterpillars. As in butterfly caterpillars. Amusing enough, my wife is afraid of another phase: butterflies, with all their flapping.
  25. I’m finishing this list and going home now :)

This is it! I’d be glad if you join me in the challenge, and you’re free to ask questions of course :)

3 thoughts on “25 Random IRL Facts About Myself

  1. So many fun facts! :D

    Would love to see those siberian cats, they must be amazing ^^
    I hate hot weather as well, but here in Portugal we have an over 40º summer which is insane (some cities got 49º last week). I think I’ll move to St. Petersburg :P

    (Its definitely on our “to go” travel list :D)

    Liked by 1 person

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