Battle for Lordaeron

And the final piece of pre-patch battles is now live. This is pretty much it, the moves were made, the figures set on the board. We have Azshara cinematic to come yet, the third and the last of Warbringers shorts, but it’s more of a hint to the future rather than addressing the current events.

Like with burning of Teldrassil, the battle ended with both victory and failure.

With burning the world tree, Sylvanas eradicated the major Alliance outpost in Kalimdor, but at the same time she failed to shatter it from inside and break its morale: she received an immediate response with the mighty fist of the whole Alliance military, including night elves.

With taking Lordaeron, the Alliance effectively got rid of the Horde outpost – and not only the outpost, the source of blight in Eastern Kingdoms and Sylvanas’ home city. Yet the victory did not help to claim the ancient citadel: it is presumed that the ruins are now inhabitable. Sylvanas’ ambush failed as well, all the leaders survived the dead end encounter.

I’ve completed scenario for both Horde and Alliance today. Here’s the highlights:

– Sylvanas behaves like a bitch. Her last talk with Saurfang before his heroic stand could cause nothing but surprise. Surely you may care for the feelings of the living not the very least, but you’re warchief, for gods’ sake. You’re a politician. Show some respect – a flicker of it would be nice, am I right?

– The reaction of Baine is precious. The Horde is not too eager to follow her. I’ll be waiting for her kicking the bucket. She’s the Gul’dan type of villain to me now, not Garrosh one.

– Small flavor thing: there is a goblin spy Renzik that works for SI:7. He was mentioned in the book, and it’s nice we saw him during the Undercity evacuation, acting on Alliance side.

– Small flavor thing: everyone who played Warcraft III would notice the absolute similarity of how Anduin entered the throne room and the same walk of Arthas when he killed his father. Google the cinematic from W3, it’s awesome and of movie-quality. Even the angle of camera shooting is exactly the same. But of course, there’s nothing similar between the two characters.

– Gnomes saved the day – twice! First they came in tanks, and then they transferred the Alliance over blight and allowed them to end the game. Finally, yes, finally we see some significant gnome contribution – they were denied this honor throughout… all Warcraft history?


– As I wrote yesterday, it was awesome to feel my self one of the many. No one addresses to you as a champion, a hero, no one says that only you could save the day. we were a part of the army, and it was awesome.

– Genn’s animations.

– Finally, this:


I don’t know how it could be more awesome :) My favorite character just got a moment of epic proportions. I’m so hanging around her during this expansion.

As you probably know, my main, gnome frost mage Micromantica is Jaina’s apprentice by background. I could never be happier to see my teacher literally rule the battlefield.


The scenario appears to be an awesome introduction to the expansion. We’ve never seen such a widescale battle before or participated in one.

What is more important, it is almost cinema-like. Watching playthrough maybe interesting even for non-gamers, and this is awesome.

I hope we see more of these epic battles in the upcoming expansion. Six days, guys. Six days left.

10 thoughts on “Battle for Lordaeron

  1. I was so happy blizzard reconsidered their stance on this scenario and made it available to everybody. That way I was able to play it out.

    Even though I am not a fan of the whole faction war concept, I found this enjoyable and pretty cool. Jaina coming to save the day was an awesome moment. But my favorite part of course was when the magnificent High Tinker Mekkatorque shows up with Alleria in his own hero moment. I even got to ride in one of those spider tanks and machine gun down horde npcs.

    Also the scene in the throneroom Sylvanas was basically having a textbook villain monologue. I don’t like her, but I enjoyed this part too.

    My main complaints are the cutscene at the end has all the leaders that showed up except for Mekkatorque! Only a little upsetting as I should be used to Gnomes getting put to the side by now. Another problem I had is I dont see Tyrande or Malfurion anywhere in the battle. I felt like of all the leaders, at least Tyrande should have been there.

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  2. The argument between Sylvanas and Saurfang was unfortunate and will only keep solidifying the horde against Sylvanas :(
    Even though I love her, I admit that on the alliance side I couldn’t bring myself to beat up Saurfang. He deserves better. I’m glad we can skip this after doing it once. Everything is so epic on both sides, it feels very wrong to run this scenario on the opposite faction. But that means the storytelling is working!

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    • Nay, Saurfang has got himself an honorous face-to-face battle, and was treated with utmost respect upon defeat. It all turned out good for his feelings (mild spoiler: it will be even better for him in a week).

      It is very interesting to think about how your characters feel during the scenario. My gnomes and a human paladin are definitely there, among the troops – healing, tanking, fighting for the right cause. They definitely feel proud to be a part of this battle.

      My highmountain druid and an orc warrior are very, very young girls. This is their first time in war activities, in a massive battle, and they are a bit confused. They just follow the lead, they answered the call to arms, and they’re barely starting to develop their opinion about the ongoing events.

      They managed to survive, but they are still a bit clueless. No opinion of politics yet, but it’s the first time they saw Sylvanas this close and heard her speeches (and they did not like it). Saurfang and Baine seem like their role models to follow.

      My goblin girls are different. Schlitzchen the shaman cares deeply about her people and generally will do all to protect them – this started at Kezan. Saving the Undercitizens, the fellow hordies, seemed a right thing to do for her.

      Fearella the warlock is used to luxury style of life, and sees any action as a fun event to distract from all the parties and balls. So yes, she had some fun hurling chaos bolts from a safe distance :) She’s really not into pride/honor thing, and eagerly awaits for Zandalar to be explored. So many treasures there :)

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  3. Jaina was the highlight, it was really well timed and felt epic.
    I very much agree, it was great to be part of the army and in the fray.
    I’m not much of a lore guy but I’ve been wondering over these past three events, “where is Elune?” – I thought that Tyrande had powers equal to all of the big shots because of a relationship with a very powerful entity and could have done something big during these three events but I missed it or it didn’t happen.

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    • It’s in the novels, Tyrande and Malfurion split up so that she could mend and comfort Teldrassil refugees in Stormwind. She only arrived to bring him back. No one knows who or what is Elune. It’s a sort of Light magic, so, as with the Light, you have to call to her. During her clash with Saurfang Tyrande invokes Elune’s spiky things, ready to pierce him – this got replaced by simple bow in game due to animation issues I guess. And Elune light answers to the priestesses which guide the evacuation in the Temple.

      What is not in the novels, but easily deducted: both Tyrande and Malfurion are devastated with grief now, and their presence is needed as never before among the elves in the capital. That’s why they don’t participate in the onslaught – and that’s why they’re not in the mood for the small talk, the thing that Alunaria keeps bringing on :) Probably it’s not the best time to ask grieving parents at the funeral: “And what do you exactly think of the current situation?”. It’s a mere empathy, you don’t need it explained in lore :)

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  4. I have not done it in the game yet, but I no longer care about it or spoilers. I just watched the cinematics on wowhead. But I thought of you when I saw Jaina, knewing you’d love that scene :)

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  5. The final push on Lordaeron felt epic. There was so much going on and it finally felt like a proper war scenario. I had heard a slight spoiler some time back that Jaina would arrive so I was constantly wondering when. Her appearance was sooo epic! I loved it!

    To see Mechatorque arrive soon after we breeched the wall was amazing. I love Gnomes and cheered his arrival on my hunter Nanelle.

    I am just about to run the Horde side but I am definately looking forward to how this will play out as the expansion moves on.

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  6. Renzik is also a frequent questgiver in Alliance garrison on Draenor (appears in rotation with Muradin, Harrison Jones and profession guestgivers), gives 3-people elite enemies elimination quests.


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