Novels Elegy and Good War Released

Two pieces of writing are published, and not a moment too soon or late.

Both explore the current War of Thorns with minor expand on the prior events (namely, how the Horde tricked Alliance spies in Orgrimmar) and ending with Burning of Teldrassil.

The writing is moderate enough, and the both novels thoroughly explore the same events from Alliance and Horde sides.

We get little extra insights to what happened, just a bunch of extra characters. Those characters are fanfic-written – i.e., poorly described, Mary Sue, and not interesting to read about.  They don’t cause either sympathy or any desire to follow them in game.

Besides, the narrative fails to comprehend the actual distances: apparently Saurfang’s “For the Horde!” battle cry is heard throughout the Darkshore, much like the latest popcorn toy.

Things to be mentioned:

  • Sylvanas’ initiate plan was even more clever: Teldrassil captured, she would urge Anduin to take it back.
  • Either Night Elves or Gilneans should be outraged by the king’s decision (Why others’ homeland first?), so the plan was to shatter the Alliance from inside. As we know, the Alliance in result is never more united.
  • And even if it was captured, Genn claims that wtf, of course they would not rant. NE gave worgens home and soothed their rage.
  • Neither Horde nor Alliance have enough ships to deliver a conquering army – that explains the need for Kul Tiras and Zandalar fleets later;
  • Portals work best to deliver small groups, they’re not fit to bring any significant reinforcements;
  • Evacuation of Teldrassil started 1 day before the actual burning;
  • Horde’s catapults were empowered by magi and shaman magic fire;
  • Genn, his wife Mia, and a random night elf baby in Mia’s hands were the last to pass through the portal to Stormwind.

This is all. Of course, if you want to plunge into the world of poorly described no-name character emotions, and add up to your chagrin about the whole war campaign, you’re welcome.

Otherwise, it doesn’t worth it.

Battle for Lordaeron starts tomorrow. I’m making Sylvanas suffer from the loss of her safe haven. Some EPIC Jaina action was hinted too in the cutscenes.

And you know what? It’s gonna be so nice to feel ourselves ranked soldiers once again – for a change. One of the many, one of the army. Not ultimate champions and world saviours – just the guys with blades and staves.

We are at war.

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