Trivia: The Lull of the Lulls

For the first time before the expansion I’ve run out of things to do.

It’s been a while really. I’ve got all my goals achieved until Battle for Azeroth, and now I’m just biding my time. Every week’s plot quests and the upcoming scenario takes me just a minimum on the alt re-runs.

Gearing Up

I’ve geared up all my toons at Darkshore, and my list is complete. What I lack is merely shaman’s agility claws or axes for Enhancement spec which simply don’t appear on the loot list. But of course I could go with Doomhammer and replace it through leveling questing – if it doesn’t drop.

Cleaning Up

My grand bags cleaning is complete. I’ve vendored all the Legion mats, as I’ve crafted all I had to craft. Legion artifact weapons, replaced by Darkshore ones, now rest in the bank. My backpack is filled by half: travel stones only, and my profession bags now have only a picking axe or whatever items alike.

I’ve cleared my quest logs. Quests were either completed or canceled.

Last Legendary Piece Project

Each of my toons is bound to get the last legendary via mission table essences. I just pick the one with most exciting transmog upon gaining 1000 essences, then I stop running missions and stop tracking all the currencies. 6 are left, and they’re at 700-900 already.


Achievements are now done, and mostly during my preparation for the pre-patch. Uncovered is just one pristine item from Archaeology, and I will have to do this later. This is a Highmountain item, and pre-expansion 2 weeks are devoted to demon artifact digging. I’ll have to do that later.

I have Draenor archaeology to complete, but I’m not really in the mood to do that.

Pet battles – I’ve done this to an extent. I’ve completed collection achievements – Raiding with Leashes in Cataclysm and Lich King. I had some fun collecting all pets in Broken Isles too. Hunting some of them was exploration and adventure!

I’ve tried pet battle dungeons which is kind of an adventure. I’ve completed Wailing Caverns, then I learn that now I have to do the same for achievement on hard mode, I quit. I got stuck with a hobgoblin encounter in Deadmines, so this also is left for good. As I see pet battles as a purely leisure activity, I’m not longing for leveling up specific pets all the way, then try to beat the hard encounters :) Same with Algalon – when you learn from Wowhead that you have to devote much time trying with specific pets, it’s not my piece of cake. Strategies are all there, but if the challenge is not resolved on spot via casual gameplay and casual thinking (like selecting a pet from specific family as in rock-paper-scissors), I’m losing the interest very quickly. So I guess I’m stuck with collections here.

Trying for Mounts

I’ve acquired the second and the last mount from Firelands on my pet hunting, that was cool :)

My casual activity is now hunting for the Undroppable horse from the Lich King 25HM. All the toons are clearing up the whole raid, no luck yet :) With rarer mounts, I’ve previously hunted with all my toons for Attumen horse (success in three weeks) and Ashes of Al’ar (success in 3,5 months).

As long as I have time now, why not go there.


Toon Cleaning Up

Starting with 17 toons during pre-patch, I now end up with… 10. These had to go:

  • Myde the Arcane Void Elf – dismissed, as I have my Frost Mage and I don’t enjoy playing Arcane.
  • Kalaari the Lightforged Paladin – dsimissed, as my human princess paladin Anibell will both tank and dps, and healing’s not an option.
  • Arkeona the Nightborne Subtlety – dismissed, as my major rogue now doesn’t enjoy Assassination BfA version, and she goes in Subtlety herself.
  • Helu the Tauren Druid – dismissed, as I wanted a Tauren as a cool replacement for the awkward Night Elf back then. Now I have a Highmountain one, and moose girl feels just cooler :)
  • Faari the Dwarf Fire Mage – dismissed, as I’m in the mood of starting a Dark Iron as my dwarf toon. She’ll either be a casting shaman or a fire mage, and leveling her would be merrier – and cheaper, considering my multiple transfers.
  • Melaris the Night Elf Demon Hunter – dismissed for class issues. Everything is awesome in the spec, it’s just… it feels so boring to play. I mean I enjoy the mobility of course, it’s simply amazing, but the actual fighting routine feels kinda underpowered and simplistic. Besides, her job is done. The demon hunters defeated Legion, and their goal in life is complete.
  • Backston the Human Death Knight – dismissed for the same reason. I don’t enjoy either Blood (slow) or Unholy (pet) specs. Frost grew kinda boring in the field and in raids with me, and I’m also not a fan of ‘evil’ specs. It’s just become too grim to login with her, so nay.

Food for thought: all the class order hall achievements stay! For example, if you delete your death knight toon, and then roll a new one, he will get an immediate access to the acquired Legion class mount (and pets). One more reason not to keep it.

And so, I’ll be leveling with the following roster:


  • Micromantica the Gnome Frost Mage
  • Pietra the Gnome Subtlety Rogue
  • Aurinko the Gnome Holy Priest
  • Baisa the Gnome Marksmanship Hunter
  • Paitsu the Gnome Windwalker Monk
  • Anibell the Human Retribution Paladin
  • *upon availability – Dark Iron Elemental Shaman (fire tossing and shields!)


  • Schlitzchen the Goblin Enhancement Shaman
  • Faerella the Goblin Destruction Warlock
  • Jammu the Highmountain Balance Druid
  • Gorhaug the Orc Fury Warrior

It actually feels easier to play only the toons you want to play :) In Legion it was kind of obligatory to see the stories for every class and spec, and then the new races arrived which took a while and a leveling achievement to get used to dealing with them as with major races.

Do you feel miserable? Invite a goat, a dog, a cow and a donkey to live in your apartment for a week, and then chase them all out.

My toon roster cut in half, I feel fine :)

3 thoughts on “Trivia: The Lull of the Lulls

  1. Gosh, the amount of things you have gotten done! Can I ask, how many hours a day it takes you? So impressive. Ooh, didn’t know about Class Hall achievements across characters that way. Neat if you have more.


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