An Unexpected Cinematic: Old Soldier!

This. So much this. For all who doubted the Horde honor – suck it.

And I told you – not longer than yesterday in my previous post.

I don’t know what struck me most – either the awesome sauce characters or the might of the Alliance war machine starting to move. I guess both.

This Zappyboy which I hope will get a game story. This Saurfang (not his son parts) – the true leader, the true Horde (and I told you so). If you put your Horde toons on the shelf, put them out immediately.

And the total impression how the Alliance prepared for battle. We imagine the orders: “We attack at dawn”, because upon the very first sunbeam the whole iron wall starts moving as one, according to the battle plan. Even if we don’t see it closely, we imagine the dwarf and gnome technicians in the siege towers, all ready. We imagine the infantry slowly starting moving forward in close ranks, a merciless wall of shields and spears.

As for the ending, I have the same tickles as observing the beginning of Gondor battle in Lord of the Rings. I’m literally shaking, as epic things are about to start. I don’t know how I could wait for the next week now.

Blizzard, you’ve planned this long ago.

11 thoughts on “An Unexpected Cinematic: Old Soldier!

  1. I loved that little short. And that Troll seems to be the same one from the BFA cinematic that the community lovingly nicknamed Zappy’Boi or something like that.

    Thankfully showed some opposition to what Sylvanas does. If only it came across like that a bit better on the horde side of the prepatch quests. Hopefully we see more stuff like that in Zandalar!

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      • I meant the shaman in the cinematic shooting lightning. Also it somehow never really clicked to me that Anduin killed that one troll. Manduin is fierce!!

        But at least now I know what to call him! Zekhan, please survive the coming battle and be my troll hero!! Thanks for thaat bit of info.

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  2. Eh…I’m not feeling it. Amazing cinematic. No doubt about it. Saurfang is so appealing, and so is the Troll. But the most honorable thing to do would be to throw Sylvanas out of Undercity, hand her over to the Alliance and say “Here. Her actions do not represent us anymore. You can have her”.


    • This will happen no doubt :) I only hope that they don’t make her a savior like Illidan. At least the horned guy pursued good goals throughout his life (set aside his methods). Sylvanas did nothing good since resurrection.

      Alliance army is barely seen, but it gave me most shivers. This might, this well-organized wall of cold retaliation and revenge started to move. Ouch!

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  3. Great things might happen in Azeroth, but not because of player action. Everything is already decided by Blizzard and you just play your part. If you don’t, the story will go on nevertheless. WoW might be great to watch, but not to play


    • Same with RTS, you’re not the one making decisions, you’re just a commander that puts them through.

      I have the opposite feelings. It’s great to be the ultimate hero for protecting a village, but for the most epic events it’s cool when the big guys decide it and do the final blow to the big guys. For example, I would enjoy being a ranked gnome mage in the Siege of Lordaeron, one of many.


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