Legion World Quests: Officially History and Jaina Video

Several little things to report.


First one – it’s in the post name. The last paragon mount is mine! See, persistence finally pays off, but I’m so glad that I did it before BfA dropped on us.


Now Legion world quests are literally history. I may do pet battles for an achievement (6 are left), but there’s no need for emissaries or anything else.

Giving out legendaries for essences seems too much of a grind considering how little world quests grant. I think I will just waste all my resources before expansion launch for these missions and grab whichever transmogs I want.

I need to chill and let it sink really :) The thing that I can now totally ignore rep tokens and – to an extent – mission tables – is big.

Second – I’ve dismissed my allied toons except Jammu the Highmountain. Void Elf, Lightforged and Nightborne are now history. No regrets – it was a fun ride and a thing to do during lull :) As long as I have the class doubles, it’s no worries at all.


Third – the Warbringers’ JAINA video!

Beware the spoilers :)

She’s been my favorite character since Warcraft III RTS, and it stays so until now whatever happens.

The video is thrilling. Animations are awesome, and I think they’re a step forward from Harbringers, although the style is the same. The music is so fitting – a Kul Tiran seafarer song, the ones that were meant to be easy in melody, prolix and sung endlessly during the daily tedious ship jobs in the sea.

Lorewise, it’s Theramore where she sails alone in a boat and raises an old sunken Kul Tiran ship up with her ice magic. She talks to her father’s ghost and admits he was right about the Horde as being brutes. She wanted peace and let her father die for this idea – but it appeared to be impossible.

She’s still not crazy. She has every reason to hate the Horde and desire war since Pandaria. Now it’s time for her to step forward and avenge the genocide of her people. She’s not insane, she’s in all her wits and deadly dangerous.

Yes, I perfectly see the mistakes in her current approach. Surely it was black and white in the First and Second Wars. The Horde were aggressors, and there was no negotiating. The ones who did were fuckin’ traitors (Alterac kingdom, abandoned for good).

Since the Scourge/Legion invasion the tides have turned. Jaina was the first one to advocate cease fire, because she fought demons side by side with them, and even helped Grommash heal his demonic corruption. She dealt and secretly met with Thrall (all those fan pairings), she helped Baine to reclaim his throne after Tauren civil war and what not. By then she should have understood that the Horde is not all evil – it’s some persons who are.

Yet I totally understand her bitterness – Garrosh wiped out her city, with all its citizens and her subjects. To zero point. And while Kor’kron were the major evil, goblin and blood elf contribution during Pandaria campaign didn’t help.

They let the Horde in her homecity of Dalaran despite her objections. The Horde “betrayed” Varian and left him to die (as far as the Alliance majority knows). And the Horde is now led by no other, but a murderous, warmongering, genocidal bitch which doesn’t help at all. Even Anduin, the good hearted Anduin gave up on Sylvanas and making a sort of peace with her.

It is time for war, and Jaina’s bitterness and skills will be in place like never. There’s nothing suspicious about her current state – no Old God influence or whatever is traced. Everything is in the borders of the gradual character development, and she’s the most realistic person in the whole universe today.

Can’t wait to meet her in game.

One thought on “Legion World Quests: Officially History and Jaina Video

  1. I loved that short video on Jaina. The song approach was great! She seemed like her head is on a bit better than the past. She’s come from a character I loved in WC3 to one I found a little whiny honestly back in Wrath to a pretty awesome calm angry person for BFA. I will say I pretty much hated her at the end of MOP and onwards into Legion. But she has definitely grown on me with this upcoming expansion. I’m ready to fight beside the pirate queen!

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