More Alts & Class Tuning

I did more world quests tonight with toons in doubt, and here’s my practice report.

Micromantica the Frost Mage, while in Archaeology, has to deal with weak packs of mobs all the time. It’s but a nuisance, so I greatly miss my instant AoE nuke to kill them in a click. I think I’ll just take this talent for now and simply won’t summon Water Elemental, then switch talents back for BfA leveling content.

Gorhaug the Fury Warrior is amazing in her field practice, the spec is awesome.

Hunters are super efficient in their specs. It literally takes a couple of hits to kill off a mob. I’m getting used to Marksmanship, so it may be it after all (like always lol). Petless! Lone Wold talent is baseline now.

Several iterations of Survival talents brought me to moderately comfortable gameplay. I’m still a bit confused about rotation – may be I need a quest hub or two to complete. The spec is super powerful. Before I start even thinking about rotation, the mob is already dead. I think it will be tuned down – as of now, even my chaotic key pressing is of nuclear power proportions.

Demonology is simply awesome. It appeared to be very simple to play, and it’s the most spectacular and epic spec from all classes. It’s a fun raid option, no question. Yet I will probably be questing in Destruction. I think that I just won’t manage to call upon the demon armies before the mobs die, and if they appear, it will feel like a waste. It’s definitely a spec for bosses and rares who live a bit longer.

I’m not quite at ease with Enhancement – I need a couple of BfA questhubs before I decide whether I’ll be melee or ranged. Elemental is always the best option, but I want to give Enhancement another try. I’ve played Enhancement throughout Pandaria and Draenor, and I liked it very much back then. A bit of acquired muscle memory will make the final decision whether I enjoy its BfA version or not.


Now enough with struggles, here’s some good news :)

The list of allied races now includes Mag’har and Dark Irons! While not available yet for actual rolling – as you need a campaign achievement from BfA content – you can already toggle all the looks.

I’m craving for a Dark Iron shaman or fire mage, and I seriously consider race change for Gorhaug the warrior. The Mag’har haircuts are just amazing, all those inventive braids call for a proud and vibrant orc race. Current Azeroth orc haircuts compared to them frankly look like hobos and are long overdue.

One thought on “More Alts & Class Tuning

  1. I agree with Demonology! It feels amazing! No demonic empowerment and no mana issues is much better. Now all my focus can be in summoning as many demons as I can. I think I managed to get up to 15 or 16 demons at once on a training dummy! I look forward to playing it more.

    I haven’t been interested in playing any allied race yet, hoping they will eventually make an offshoot of gnomes being the lovely mechagnomes! But after looking at the dark iron some more I am pretty sure I will make one now. I can finally have a paladin! As an added plus, dark iron get special racial teleports that you have to unlock by finding all their teleport locations! That will be a fun side activity to do while leveling mine up.

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