Mage Tower: Not My Piece of Cake

As my readers would know by know, I’m not a challenger player – like at all. Mythics, mythic raiding, PvP, those challenging pet battle modes and everything alike are beyond my interest.

I think the major reason is that the game for me is a means of relax, an escapism thing rather than where I come to test my might and grow my virtual penis. It has always been this way – in every game since NES console I’ve been always choosing the easy/normal modes. If I come to see the story and the new places (levels, enemies), challenge modes put extra obstacles to achieving this goal – sometimes ridiculously difficult obstacles if a game design is bad.

Mage Tower is surely a challenging mode. You may remember my first rant when it just came out – there is no way a common player of roughly 860-870 ilvl, the highest LFR ilvl at the time, could beat that. Most kills confirmed showed 905-ish ilvl, although some of the people managed to beat it even with my ilvl.

This morning I gave it a try with my main, mage Micromantica. She has 935 and a growing artifact traits daily, so it surely was enough to win. And you know – I quit after a couple of tries for Frost Mage (brother mages encounter) and four tries for Fire Mage (imp mother encounter).

I know the tactics, and yet I quit after these several tries. I’m just not fond of a content that is “designed to kill you” (c) Vigilant Quoram. I’m not in fond of encounters where you have to deal with 10 things at once, as a juggler on steroids. The content which is unfogivable for a single mistake you make – and where you have to deal with not making this mistake throughout 10 minutes, no breaks.

I’m sure I could have beaten at least imp mother after dozens of tries, as I brought her down to 35% upon even my first four tries. And I just don’t want to do that :) It’s not the excitement I’m longing for.

Archaeology awaits.

10 thoughts on “Mage Tower: Not My Piece of Cake

  1. Mage Tower is a thing that you gradually progress in. The scenarios have so many mechanics that there is no way you can complete them in first 10 tries. Instead, you have to train each mechanic individually, until you can do it by heart. It helps if you first read up the solution instead of trying to figure it out on the fly.

    Also, frost mage encounter is not “brother mages”, it’s “twins”, as one of them is warior, not mage. You may have noticed that they’re called Reist and Karam, and it’s a reference to Dagonlance.

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    • Yes, I’ve read the solutions and watched the videos :) It helps but a tiniest bit, as the real challenge is about frantically squishing buttons, moving like you’re playing an arcade game, not MMORPG – and with a similar chance of a one-shot death upon a single mistake, while trying to stay calm at the same time.

      You’re required to do what your class does NOT do in a normal game situation – like kiting – yes, you’re never kiting with a mage in any normal game situation for 10 minutes straight, being responsible as one and only DPS, with no tank, healer, or dps support. I have no idea where I could use this sort of skills if I nail it. Name myself super kiter?

      Challenges exhaust my nerves, and there’s no “I did it” feeling at the end – only “it’s fucking over” tiredness.

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      • I have to agree 100% with you here. On my Shadowpriest, the strat everyone seems to recommend, go Surrender to Madness, pop all cool downs and nuke is not something I can do. Having to be constantly on the move, trying to get ahead for 2 seconds to make one cast before you are on the move again, making one misstep and ending up trapped only to get blown off the platform. Way back in the day I played Space Ace in the arcades. It was all memory, and I was decent at it. This is beyond what I can process mentally, and the thoughts of what’s coming in BfA with smart NPC’s? Yeah, I am not going to be a fan of anything over Heroic, maybe not even that.

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  2. I tried BM hunter one, i thought there is too much going on, gave up for months, then went back and paid attention, and i did it, it gave me false hope, because i thought it’ll be easy to do it on shadow priest and that one.

    It made BM hunter challenge looks like nothing, there is no way i can do it, i have to pay attention to many things, i have to kill some mobs quickly and use cooldown to soak damage, i have to keep running around all the time which is hard for a caster, i gave up, i did the one i care most about, no need to toture myself to do the rest … kudos for people who did all of them :-)

    Right now trying to finish Loremaster for Classic and Outland.

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  3. Thats too bad you don’t enjoy it, at least you decided to give it another shot. I did it for all 3 of my warlock specs and affliction was the twins fight. That one is ridiculous and I hate it.

    The rest of the challenges I tried I actually really enjoyed. Now I dont do them to grow my virtual penis though. I enjoy challenging content and these are providing just enough challwnge to be fun for me. I dont think all people who do challenging stuff in games are trying to grow virtual penis, well at least I’m not.

    I am done with the mage tower now too. Ive decided to make a list of things to do before the expansion, I have 10 max level characters too. So I took inspiration from you and have been setting up a spreadsheet to try and track progress :)

    I think in this down time I’ll go back and do some old reps and mount farming. Its been a long while since I tried that, maybe I’ll even get my farm fully upgraded.

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  4. We are all different :) I really, REALLY cherished the Mage Tower challenge. I lived inside it, as soon as it was up, until I completed it. I just can’t walk away from a challenge. I do agree; it is very different than the role we normally play in a raid, but I just loved having to optimise everything, go bear, cat, even Moonkin. A part of me was a little “What, I am a healer…” but I reminded myself, I was also a Druid. Having to shapeshift like was just fantastic. :)

    I do hate that it will be removed in the patch though. I wish they had found a way to make it scale, just like Proving Grounds. There are a lot of appearances on other classes I’d love to have, but I have no time to level them right now. Oh well, can’t have it all :)

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  5. At the last minute, I started trying the Frost Mage challenge this evening. I have never been good at kiting, so it has been very, very frustrating so far. I’m not even sure how far I got Karam down on my best attemt… maybe to 70%? Maybe even 60%? At any rate, I’ve not even gotten into Phase 2 yet…

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