A Perfect Game for Azeroth Explorers

Twitter and other thematic Warcraft feeds are now spreading the word about the Azeroth exploration game.

Here’s the link: http://www.kruithne.net/where-in-warcraft/ 

The game is simple:

  1. A complete map of Azeroth locations, including Pandaren Turtle Island, Kezan and everything else. You can scroll in and out of course.
  2. You have three lives – that is, your third mistake ends the game.
  3. You see a screenshot, and you must make a guess of where it was taken. You can drag’n’pull the screenshots 360o around your spot to look for extra clues.
  4. Click on the map to place your guess – remember, it better be not just the specific area, but an exact screenshot spot (it influences accuracy counter).

Even for an Azeroth Explorer like myself it’s pretty hard!

Some of the shots are very obvious – if you’re standing in front of a well-known gate, or see a notable character/mob (like Attumen’s horse). Some of them you really have to watch from all around, looking for clues.

It really helps if you played through storylines and rolled almost every race to see their starting experience. Some shots are set in starting locations, but it still can be managed. Riddles are forgiving to an extent, embracing relatively large territories around the spot, yet try to figure out the very exact spot upon your guesses.

First try to define the zone – it’s relatively easy, then see what notable buildings, structures and mobs are the around or seen at the horizon to guess the unknown point.

My best shot so far:


Strongly recommended :)

6 thoughts on “A Perfect Game for Azeroth Explorers

  1. I’m an explorer but not good enough it seems! I got 5 questions in before I failed. Winterspring and Wintergrasp look so alike in my mind and I just happened to get both of those locations haha. Thanks for the link! I’ll have to give this another shot later.

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    • Yeah, that’s one of the examples for deduction. Winterspring is a bit rosy/purple in color, and it has elven ruins/buildings, also some good forest and a goblin town. Wintergrasp has titan buildings all over.

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  2. One thing that became clear of this game if that I should play Horde a little more. There are so many beautiful places that I never visited just because they are on Horde starting zones! Thanks for sharing, man!


    • Always worth it :) WoW questing stories are always one of the best things in every expansion, Horde’s are no exception. Besides, you sometimes see the same events from a different angle.

      I specifically recommend Goblin starting questlines – it’s probably the best 1-10 experience in all WoW.


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