Feedspot Blog Award

I’m glad to announce that my blog has been nominated by blog.feedspot.com as one of the Top 15 Warcraft Blogs :)


Here’s the link to their page: Top 15 World of Warcraft Blogs, Websites & Newsletters To Follow in 2018.

I don’t know why I was chosen among the best ones – frankly I think there are much better blogs than my fun diary – but I’m flattered anyways. Probably the criteria of choice were great search engine ranking (failing this would be very strange for me as I know a thing or two about SEO – my daytime job) and post frequency that won me the nomination.

There’s a really nice list actually, I’m reading at least half of them already – yet it’s a possibility to discover something new. So check their list in case you’ve missed anything great to follow :)

5 thoughts on “Feedspot Blog Award

  1. How super neat, Alexander, congratulations! Thanks for the link too, there was a couple of blogs I had no idea about :)

    I must admit, I am awful at remembering to search outside of my WordPress Reader. It’s just so handy to have it all there. I try to sign up for email notifications though.

    I bet your readers find it fun to see how you handle all your alts :D

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