Trivia: A Month of Digging

It was a weekend of a pretty fun achievement grind.


First and foremost, the last 3k batch of Underbelly eyes is done! It was a fun gameplay, I’ve totaly nailed Underbelly. Never engaging in PvP battles, sneaking out as soon as PvP mode starts and paying the guards to return to their duty as soon as it’s available.

And so Faerella has earned the rat mount! I was worried that it’s not gonna be available outside of Undebelly like temporary rat mounts there. But no, it feels ok in the sunshine:


This mount has also been my last to get:


Yes, it required a login to my paladin which can ride extra 2 mounts of her own. Yet, it’s the last available mount counter achievement and it’s done. Too bad they add 50 or 100 more in BfA :) But as of now, we can rejoice.

The next day I switched to Oulu the Draenei Warrior to grind for the remaining Sentinax bosses – she had 2 left. The routine is as follows:

  • Wait for Nether disruptor building to be up.
  • Get portal stones – these come from three sources. First, blue quality drop from green skull mobs (on the map). Second, you could buy the items from Legionfall vendor which allow to break the violet portals (seen on mini map) and kill the arriving easier demons for blue quality portals. Third, and the worst, they come with the smallest chance possible from common mobs under Sentinax’ curent location.
  • Join or start a group of 5 people (not a raid). It is important to have 5 members to provide excellent DPS, cover all the portals, and also increase the chance to loot the boss stone. It’s cool to have at least one tank for boss encounter, healers are not needed.
  • Start portal stones one by one under Sentinax and kill all the demons for loot.
  • Green quality stones summon smaller demons which may drop blue and green quality stones. Blue quality stones summon greater demons with a feeble chance to drop the boss stone.

The portals are color-coded: red, yellow, orange, green, blue and violet. Every color summons demons of this very same type. For example, orange stones summon mo’arg and wyrmtongues, yellow color summons beasts like spiders and bats etc. Each color leads to a specific boss, so if you just killed the “orange” engineering boss, you may throw away every orange stone for good and work on the rest.

It is important that people had enough stones on them and tried for the same boss. Yesterday, after we killed the yellow spider queen boss for 3rd time (with different people), I just coded the group name as Sentinax Achievement – GREEN, so that people knew what to expect. One guy even exclaimed upon joining: finally someone’s farming for green portals! And we collected such an excellent group! It was amusing that we apparently had every language possible: there were a Russian (me), an Italian, a Spanish, a German and a French. All communicating in English :)

Half an hour of farming for specific stones made us having 10+ green color stones for every member. Then we launched the portals, and this session brought us the last elusive pit lord to kill.


This is my last Exploration achievement in Legion. This chapter is closed now.

This has also been the last Oulu’s act of bravery in the world of Azeroth. As I had to tank with her throughout the achievement, I was disgusted with the vibe, and multiple transmogs didn’t help either. I presumed that I need another warrior race. So a re-roll was initiated.

With a couple of trial toons, I’ve settled with an Orc Warrior – her movement performance throughout all the three specs appeared to be flawless to me. I also considered an Undead, but they still do ridiculous flip-flops, so not.


Rerolling to an Orc enhanced my Horde roster which is important in terms of faction equality in the coming expansion. And one more thought is that leveling gear will be very specific for factions: Aztec vs Seaman for Horde and Alliance respectively. So having a toon of every armor type on each side is important.

I’ve tried to define my alt roster previously – lol, if you want to make God laugh, tell him about your plans. As of now, my paradigm is changed: one toon for every armor type of every faction + 1 toon for fun:


  • Micromantica – Frost Mage (cloth) – as my main
  • Aurinko – Holy Priest (cloth)
  • Paitsu – Brewmaster/Mistweaver Monk (leather)
  • Baisa – Marksmanship Hunter (mail)
  • Anibell – Protection Paladin (plate)


  • Gorhaug – Arms/Protection Warrior (plate)
  • Schlitzchen – Elemental/Restoration Shaman (mail)
  • Helu – Balance/Restoration Druid (leather)
  • Jammu – Feral/Guardian Druid (for fun)
  • Faerella – Affliction/Destruction Warlock (cloth)

The Last Month of Legion

…will be devoted to digging. All my gameplay will be devoted to Archaeology achievements. And some pet battles maybe. And Army of Light emissary.

I want to complete these small things of course before the expansion drops on us. Yet at this moment all my major goals are complete. I’m totally ready.

2 thoughts on “Trivia: A Month of Digging

  1. Grats on the achievements!

    I need to do some digging, too — but not right now. I still want to get that Troll rare sword Zin’rokh.

    I am not planning to take all my alts into Battle for Azeroth, either. I’ve got my Blue Team with one of each armor class (mage, druid, shaman, paladin). I’ll also do one of each armor class on the Horde side (probably mage, druid, shaman, warrior).

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