Field Butcher: Done

All the First Aid achievements are now mine!


It took me 30 minutes of grind in Val’sharah yesterday and half an hour in Highmountain today to fish out the last three notes.

There’s Army of Light emissary up, so I’m covering that in the coming evenings. Otherwise, I’ve decided to grind for Archaeology, Underbelly eyes and remaining Sentinax bosses.

My Legion goals are basically covering the few remaining achievements.

My allied toons are now 910-ish, so frankly I’m good with that. There’s a great chance that Teldrassil destruction in pre-patch will have catch-up gear, so I’d better go there instead of sickly green Antorus. It was announced that we will have world quests on Darkshore too.

My bucket list before Battle for Azeroth: 

  • Clear the quest log to zero – complete or cancel the quests;
  • Clear the bags from Legion trash – Nomi’s stuff, Stormheim harpoons, Suramar ancient mana detection stone, treasure maps etc.;
  • Rearrange Legion mats between toons, see what has to be crafted (transmogs, toys) and sell the remains;
  • Do achievements for Exploration (underbelly eyes & sentinax bosses);
  • Do achievements for Archaeology;
  • Try for the remaining Army of Light elekk through emissary visits and mission tokens;
  • See the story of the pre-patch;
  • See which rewards are there in pre-patch and obtain them (probably will require revisiting Darkshore world quests for currency, rep or something);
  • When Magni’s story pops up, hand in artifact weapon powers to save Azeroth or whatever Blizzard has in pocket;
  • After pre-patch – choose a tavern and a place for the BfA would-be-inactive alts and set them to well-deserved rest.

3 thoughts on “Field Butcher: Done

  1. Hey Gnomecore! I found your blog a couple weeks ago and have steadily read through your whole legion journey. I have to say congrats on the diligence and fullness you have completed on this journey! I was drawn in because, like you, I too favor the short races of Azeroth. All my characters, except the classes that can’t be short, are either Gnomes or Goblins as well.

    A couple things I noted as I went through this. You absolutely nailed the next expansion prediction, I was so blown away reading your first thoughts on it I thought I was reading it post announcement, had to double check the date on the post to make sure haha. I love how organized you are as well, one of my favorite things to look at as I went through your posts were your spreadsheets, I’m a little sad I haven’t seen one recently, I think I’m a bit of an organized data nerd. Also the way you formulate stories for every alt and even when you race change you bring in a story for it as well. It really shows you’re whole personal story evolving with the games story and every post about it along the way was gripping me!

    You went through everything you wanted so thoroughly, reputations, AP, artifact weapons, emissaries, paragon, everything! And you did it on 12+ characters as well! Hats off to you, I thought this expansion didn’t give me much room to breath with just my main character.

    I love how you firmly plant yourself as “casual” as in you don’t pursue or feel the need to pursue anything above LFR or heroic dungeons either. More power to you, the game is what we make of it. I consider myself casual as well, but I like to clear the raids on normal and heroic and push mythic+ dungeons with my friends.

    I agree with your assessment on the whole Chromie thing too. It is a cool concept, I love Chromie, but I don’t like the randomness of completion. I completed it eventually, but it felt like I won more because I got lucky with the drops.

    I did take a break from the game, and came back about a week and a half ago when they announced the mage tower would be up all the time. I was looking for guides on class mounts and thats how I found you. I’m glad I did. Side note: I remember reading that you did not like the whole Mage Tower thing, but with gear levels where they are at nowadays the challenges appear to be doable. I managed to push my item level up to 920 and was able to complete the mage tower, the hardest part was learning the mechanics of the fight and executing them as close to perfect as I could, damage and survivability didn’t really matter too much because of gear. That is if you were still interested in trying out the challenge for appearances. Just a tip anyways!

    I plan to continue to follow you, and check out other blogs since I was so captured by yours. I hope you continue in BFA and I really really hope you keep showing us spreadsheets of your progress! From one gnome lover to another, congrats on your progress so far!


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