Field Medic: A Guide to the Grindfest

The idea of random drops with professions was fun on the blueprint in Legion: it was meant to bring the joy of discovery and provide the feeling of extra leveling up along with some specific lore.

It turned out to be NOT fun – all because of the very same random. A thorough completionist and a lore maniac as I may be, I’ve abandoned the idea of making 3 stars in any profession very soon.

And while you may justify it in gathering and crafting professions (you do profession – your skill may proc and grow), the random first aid cannot be explained.

First of all, these quests are meant to level you up. How could someone possibly make it such a rare drop off mobs? You should have got every quest long before the expansion end – merely on the way of doing dailies. Yet when I sat and chose a toon with most quests completed, it appeared to be my monk Paitsu with a count of only 5/16. So, the first fail is the lowest drop rate which never levels you up.

Second, some of these quests require your skill level to be 800 – and they still grant you +5 points. Ridiculous.

Third, as it is the major issue nowadays, upon cancellation of the First Aid achievements in BfA, you are supposed to grind mobs like you’ve grinded nothing before in all of Warcraft, even TBC reputations. That’s right: Field Medic is all about slaughter. Irony?

Just look at Paitsu, the pile of corpses is twice her height, and it’s just a 5 minute worth of grind:


Anyways, it’s one of the things I’m doing. The random is pretty fierce. Fishing out a single and the last Stormheim note took me 3,5 hours of farming with a full group and non-stop flow of mobs, no moving, they just kept coming. Azsuna took me barely 20 minutes to get all three. Suramar took an hour to get all three.

The core strategy is as follows:

  • Make a group of 5 people via group finder. Don’t make it a raid, otherwise you won’t be able to grab the quests.
  • Choose a spot with lots of mobs and great respawn, ideally it must require minimum movement.
  • Your goal is to maximize the number of mobs killed per minute, because the notes drop from every creature in the location, from rares to the weakest ones.
  • Cross your fingers for luck and grind.
  • You can have only one first aid quest at a time, so either you fly and do it at once then return to the grind spot, or cancel it immediately if the quest repeats.
  • If possible, be a monk or take a monk with you. Their magic ox statues lure mobs from a vast area in one place to kill. As you’ve guessed, I’m going with Paitsu.

You may check the note list at Wowhead to see which ones you need from specific locations. It is 4 notes in Suramar and 3 in every other zone – 16.

So far I’ve defined these spots of farm. Note that at your current ilvl you almost one-shot packs of mobs, so picking the mobs with the lowest health is not an issue. You should opt for numbers instead.

  • Suramar – the nightguard fortress in the north, the spot just as you come up the first staircase.
  • Stormheim – the rune cutter circle in the east of the rune forest. Don’t bother with vampirates – this rune spot requires no movement at all and provides an endless flow.
  • Highmountain – I think the best spot is falcosaurs. Their packs are 5-10, they are plenty, and they respawn very fast.
  • Valsharah – go for the most western murloc island (where the sea giant world boss pops up). Murlocs drop items BOTH for Valsharah and Azsuna. Mighty random dropped me 4 notes of the same Valsharah quest I already done, and every Azsuna note there. I would choose another spot to make it Valsharah-only drops now.
  • Azsuna – your option is Faronaar, the mana eating hounds which make it an endless flow with minimum movement.

So far I’ve got 2 Valsharah and 1 Highmountain notes left. I’ve made it from 5 to 13 in a single day, so it’s not impossible (although it’s boring as hell). Gotta make it.

Bonus points: I’ve earned 11k gold just from loot, and I’m not even finished :)

Blizzard, damn you :)

They should grant you not the Field Medic, but the Field Butcher title for this.

4 thoughts on “Field Medic: A Guide to the Grindfest

  1. Clearly the crafting team in WoW have a good idea, questing for crafting, but some of these quests make it hard to keep leveling professions, alchemy boss in one of the dungeons, it stopped me from leveling alchemy and i can’t buy more recipe because of that, so i’ll wait BFA then go back to complete it, people are just in a hurry to finish the dungeon they don’t want to go to side boss.

    The medic quests should be a world quests instead of rare drops, i gave up on that title long time ago, i hope Blizzard learned from that and change how profession quests work in BFA.

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    • For Grimoira, it pays to actually use custom group finder. Gather 5 alchemists and then queue. (Make sure somebody has the potion to unlock the door).

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