Trivia: Attuned to Antorus & Pre-Patch Plans

With a Gul’dan kill this morning, Arkeona receives her first legendary piece and is the last one ready to run Antorus.

  • I wonder what is gonna happen at pre-patch. I think I saw a post somewhere that our toons may get some gear through pre-patch events, much like we did before Legion. This way Antorus LFR will not be that necessary. Still, Antorus runs are a thing for my allied toons just for lulz.
  • While in queues, I’m wrapping up my allied toons’ questing. Basically it’s professions to go, and not much. My allied toons will not complete the Legion questing in Broken Isles – there’s no need.
  • I’ll also scrape through the quest list of my major roster. I need their quest list empty by the new expansion – as in zero empty. The must for them is Magni’s questline to max their artifacts.
  • I’m only doing world quests for Army of Light when their emissary pops up. Everything else just lost every sense: we don’t need AP anymore, and my allied toons don’t need emissaries for legendaries. Just think of it: world questing in this expansion is almost a thing of the past.
  • I’m sending class order hall champions on missions for gold and Army of Light tokens, and this is it before inevitable nerf.
  • It’s time to try and scrape the achievements. I need to grind for First Aid, Archaeology, Underbelly Eyes, and killing 2/6 Sentinax commanders.

So this is my to-do list for the coming 1,5 months. What’s yours?

P.S. Blizzard saw the hilarious shots and banned using toys in the Sargeras’ blade cinematic :) So it’s just your normal looks from now on.


2 thoughts on “Trivia: Attuned to Antorus & Pre-Patch Plans

  1. This morning i was there trying to use toys but i couldn’t … Blizzard can be anti-fun sometimes :-D

    It seems Blizzard is ready for BfA and it’s not far now, just few weeks and we’ll get 8.0, the mode is switched to wrap things up, and thanks for the reminder, i need to empty my quest logs, i shouldn’t go into new expansion with 6 months old quests :-)

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